13-17 June 2016
Niigata University (Ikarashi Campus)
Asia/Tokyo timezone


Tips for your Presentation

Poster presentation:
The size of your poster should be A0 (w:841 mm, h:1189 mm) size or smaller.
 Posters will be attached to the board using pushpins.
 Each board will have pushpins available for presentators. 

 The organizing committee will prepare your poster number. 
(You can see your poster board number in the timetable.)
It does not need to be included in your poster.
Please put your poster upon arrival, and remove it when you leave.

Presentators of short talk:

 Please send your presentation file in pdf format to

 by e-mail until one day before your presentation,
 or you may provide your pdf file on USB key to assistants at the school.


 Lectures may use his/her own computers.

 In principle, all the slides used in the lectures are expected to be posted on the school website after each lecture. 

An assistant will collect the slides just after the lecture, so please prepare your slides ready to be posted on the web, in case the slides include sensitive materials.
We appreciate lecturers understanding and cooperation!


 In Japan, electric plugs/sockets of type A are used.

Transducters/adapters will not be provided by the school organisers.
Please check your type before your coming to school and prepare appropriate adapters. 

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