Status report of Beijing Radioactive Ion-beam Facility (BRIF)

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Kunibiki Messe (Matsue)

Kunibiki Messe


Oral contribution Session 12


Prof. Youbao Wang (China Institute of Atomic Energy)


The Beijing Radioactive Ion-beam Facility (BRIF) is a large-scale scientific infrastructure, which was commissioned as the national first RIB facility based on the Isotope Separator On Line (ISOL) technique in October, 2016. BRIF is comprised of a high-intensity proton cyclotron, thick-target and ion source system, isotope separator on line and the HI-13 tandem as the post accelerator. The radioactive nuclides are produced by intense proton beam of 100 MeV bombarding a thick-target, the reaction products diffusing out of the target are ionized by an ion source, and separated by the online mass separator.
In this talk, the recent progress on the development of 20-25Na ISOL beams is reported, together with the preliminary results from a trial measurement of the exotic decay of 20Na.

Primary author

Prof. Youbao Wang (China Institute of Atomic Energy)

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