The 10th international conference on Direct Reactions with Exotic Beams (DREB2018) will be held in Matsue, Japan, from June 4th to 8th, 2018.
This DREB conference is part of the biennial series, which began in 1999 at MSU, East Lansing, at the initiative of physicists working in the field from MSU, IPN-Orsay, and FSU. The following meetings were held at Orsay (2001), Guildford (2003), East Lansing (2005), Wako (2007), Tallahassee (2009), Pisa (2012), Darmstadt (2014), and Halifax (2016).
The scientific program will be devoted to the latest experimental and theoretical research and developments in nuclear reactions with exotic nuclei. The topics will include the following subjects relevant to direct reactions:
- Spectroscopy of exotic nuclei, such as drip-line and unbound nuclei
- Shell structure and its evolution
- Bulk properties and collective excitations 
- Nuclear astrophysics
- Nuclear force
- Advances in direct reaction theory
- New instrumentation for direct reaction studies
In keeping with the tradition of this conference series, the meeting will be of a relatively informal character: no proceedings will be published. The program of the meeting will consist of contributed presentations to be selected based on the submitted abstracts, in addition to keynote opening talks and a concluding talk. The conference program will focus on new results, in particular, presentations of yet unpublished results. We will also have a poster session. We strongly encourage students and other junior researchers to participate.
The city of Matsue is a very scenic, historical, and compact city on the lake Shinji, located near the coast of Sea of Japan, in the west of Japan. It is conveniently located near the two domestic airports (Izumo and Yonago). These can be reached by frequent flights (5-6 times daily, c.a. 1 hour) from the Tokyo International Airport (HANEDA), which is now conveniently connected to many international locations. If you reach Narita airport, you can transfer to Haneda by Limousine bus (c.a. 1hour) or train (c.a. 1.5hour), then fly to Izumo/Yonago. Matsue can also be reached by train if you would like to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Japanese countryside: From Tokyo, it takes about 6 hours to Matsue (c.a. 3h to Okayama by Bullet train and then 2.5h to Matsue by local express train). There is also a route through the Kansai (Osaka) airport, combined with trains (Kansai-1h- ShinOsaka-1h- Okayama-2.5h- Matsue).
The conference is jointly organized by the School of Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo, Japan) and RCNP, Osaka University (Suita, Japan), and also supported by RIKEN Nishina Center (Wako, Japan) and CNS, University of Tokyo (Wako Japan). This conference is partially supported by ANPhA (Asian Nuclear Physics Association).


Kunibiki Messe
The starting time shown above could be later on 4th, or the ending time could be earlier on 8th. This will be announced later.