Search for T=5 isobaric analog states in 48Ca

Jun 7, 2018, 3:12 PM
Kunibiki Messe (Matsue)

Kunibiki Messe


Oral contribution Session 13


Sriteja Upadhyayula (Cyclotron Institute - Texas A&M University)


Particle-hole excitations near closed shells carry information on single-particle energies and on two-body interactions. The particle-hole excitations near the doubly magic nuclei are of special interest. Information on the charge-changing particle-hole excitations (T= 5 negative parity states) in $^{48} $ Ca is not available. We performed an experiment to establish the level scheme of the low-lying negative parity T= 5 states in $^{48} $ Ca. Excitation functions for the $^{1} $ H ($^{47} $ K, p) $^{47} $ K (gs) and $^{1} $ H ($^{47} $ K, p) $^{47} $ K (3/2$^+ $) reactions in the cm energy range from 1 MeV to 4.5 MeV were measured. The T= 5 states are expected to show up in the p+ $^{47} $ K excitation function as narrow resonances. This experiment was performed at NSCL using the ReA3 beam of $^{47} $ K at energy of 4.6 MeV/u. ANASEN, set in active target mode, was used for this experiment. Experimental results from this experiment will be presented.

Primary author

Sriteja Upadhyayula (Cyclotron Institute - Texas A&M University)


Ashley Hood (Louisiana State University) Prof. Catherine Deibel (Louisiana State University) Mr Curtis Hunt Hunt (Texas A&M University - Physics and Astronomy) Dr Daniel Santiago-Gonzalez (Louisiana State University) Prof. Grigory Rogachev (Cyclotron Institute - Texas A&M University) Prof. Jeffrey Blackmon (Louisiana State University) Dr Jon Lighthall (Louisiana State University) Mr Joshua Hooker (Texas A&M University - Cyclotron Institute) Justin Browne (NSCL, Michigan State University) Maria Anastasiou (Florida State University) Nabin Rijal (Florida State University) Dr Shadi Bedoor (Cyclotron Institute - Texas A&M University) Dr Sunghoon Ahn (Cyclotron Institute - Texas A&M University) Wei Jia Ong (NSCL, Michigan State University) Dr Yevgen Koshchiy (Cyclotron Institute - Texas A&M University)

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