GRIT: A four 𝝅 silicon array dedicated to direct reactions

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Kunibiki Messe (Matsue)

Kunibiki Messe


Poster Contribution


Dr Laura Grassi (IPNO)


Direct reactions are a powerful experimental tool to investigate nuclear structure. Single nucleon transfer is thus an excellent way to probe single particle states and to study shell model evolutions far from the stability valley.
The new generation of facilities (RIKEN, FAIR, FRIB, Spiral2) will produce fission fragment beams and direct reactions will populate residues with a high density of states. Particle detection only will not be sufficient to disentangle the states. This is why particle-gamma coincidence measurements are highly needed.
The GRIT (Granularity Resolution Identification Transparency) international project is aiming at developing a four 𝝅 Silicon array to be coupled with the new generation of gamma arrays, like AGATA and PARIS. Constraints on compactness and transparency to gamma make it very challenging. In particular, new techniques based on pulse shape analysis (PSA) have been implemented in order to identify the light particles. Digital electronics is being developed by the collaboration in order to fit these requirements.
In this talk, I will introduce the project aims and show the detectors and electronics designs. I will also present the first in-beam results for the trapezoidal highly segmented Silicon detector of GRIT coupled with the first version of the front-end electronics. The effect of capacitance on the discrimination of light particle will be presented. Also, results from radiation damage effect with protons and 7Li particles will be shown.

Primary authors


Dr Alain Goasduff (INFN-LNL) Dr Anastasia GEORGIADOU (IPNO) Dr Benjamin Le Crom (University of Edinburgh) Dr Bernard Genolini (IPNO) Dr Daniele Mengoni (INFN-LNL) Dr Didier Beaumel (IPN Orsay / RIKEN Nishina center) Dr Dominique Breton (LAL) Dr Emmanuel RAULY (IPNO) Dr Faïrouz HAMMACHE (IPNO) Dr Freddy Flavigny (IPNO) Dr Jacques Guillot (IPNO) Dr Jean-Jacques Dormard (IPNO) Dr Jihane MAALMI DI BELLO (LAL) Dr Marin CHABOT (IPNO) Dr Nicolas De Séréville (IPNO) Dr Stefano Capra (University of Milano - INFN Sez. of Milano) Dr Tijani ID-BARKACH (IPNO) Dr Yorick Blumenfeld (IPNO)

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