Decay mode of the linear-chain states in C isotopes

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Kunibiki Messe (Matsue)

Kunibiki Messe


Poster Contribution


Mr Tomoyuki Baba (Hokkaido University)


Recent years have seen many important experimental studies for the linear-chain states (linearly aligned 3α particles) in 14C and 16C.
These new data motivated us to perform an analysis and to summarize the calculated and observed properties of the linear-chain bands in carbone isotopes.
In this presentation, the linear-chain states of 14C and 16C and their decay modes are theoretically investigated by using the antisymmetrized molecular dynamics. It is found that the positive-parity linear-chain states have the molecular orbit configuration and primary decay to the 10,12Be(2+ 1 ) as well as to the 12Be(g.s.) by the α particle emission.
Moreover, we show that they also have 6He decay widths.
Their α and 6He reduced widths are sufficiently large to be distinguished from other non-cluster states.

Primary author

Mr Tomoyuki Baba (Hokkaido University)


Dr Masaaki Kimura (Hokkaido University)

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