Nucleosynthesis by the neutrinos in the supernova explosion

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Kunibiki Messe (Matsue)

Kunibiki Messe


Poster Contribution


Prof. Myung-Ki CHEOUN (Soongsil University)


We present recent results of the the neutrino-process in the supernova explosion. In particular, we discuss the neutrino-nucleus reactions by the QRPA formalism. Sensitivity of the reaction on the nucleosynthesis is studied in detail. Also the MSW effects of the neutrino propagation are to be presented for discussions. Finally, other exotic effets on the neutrino propagation, like the neutrino self interaction, will be also discussed with numerical results of the related elements abundances in this talk.

Primary author

Prof. Myung-Ki CHEOUN (Soongsil University)


Dr Eunja Ha (Soongsil Univ.) Ms Heamin Ko (Soongsil Univ.) Prof. Taka Kajino (NAOJ, University of Tokyo)

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