Microscopic analysis of elastic scattering based on chiral g matrix

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Kunibiki Messe (Matsue)

Kunibiki Messe


Poster Contribution


Dr Takuma Matsumoto (Kyushu University)


We investigated the effects of three-nucleon force (3NF) from chiral effective field theory on nucleon-nucleus (NA) and nucleus-nucleus (AA) elastic scattering by using g-matrix folding model. To clarify the 3NF effects accurately, we constructed new g-matrix, so called chiral g matrix, from chiral two-nucleon force and 3NF by using Bruckner-Hartree-Fock method and localized the g matrix in order to apply g-matrix folding model. In this conference, we will show the microscopic analysis with chiral g matrix reproduces the experimental data without introducing any adjustable parameter.

Primary author

Dr Masakazu Toyokawa (Kyushu University)


Prof. Masanobu Yahiro (Kyushu University) Dr Michio Kohno (RCNP, Osaka University) Dr Takuma Matsumoto (Kyushu University)

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