DREB2018 -- 10th International Conference on Direct Reactions with Exotic Beams

from Monday, 4 June 2018 (08:00) to Friday, 8 June 2018 (18:00)
Matsue (Kunibiki Messe)

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4 Jun 2018
5 Jun 2018
6 Jun 2018
7 Jun 2018
8 Jun 2018
Session 1 (until 10:10) ()
09:00 Welcome speech - Prof. Kazuyuki Ogata   ()
09:05 Welcome speech - Prof. Kotaro Yamada (Tokyo Institute of Technology)   ()
09:10 Keynote talk 1 - Dr Alexandre Obertelli   ()
09:40 Keynote talk 2 - Dr A. M. Moro   ()
10:10 --- break ---
Session 2 (until 11:57) (Kunibiki Messe)
10:45 Elastic scattering of 6He from polarized proton at 200 A MeV - Dr Satoshi Sakaguchi (Dept. of Physics, Kyushu University)   (Kunibiki Messe)
11:03 Shape coexistence of neutron-rich $^{69,71,73}$Co isotopes - Mr Taras Lokotko (The University of Hong Kong)   (Kunibiki Messe)
11:21 Single-particle structure of $^{93,94,95}$Sr nuclei - Dr Soumendu Soumendu Sekhar Bhattacharjee (Post Doctoral Fellow at TIGRESS)   (Kunibiki Messe)
11:39 Single-particle states and collective modes: results from magnetic moment measurement of 75mCu - Dr Yuichi Ichikawa (RIKEN Nishina Center)   (Kunibiki Messe)
11:57 --- Lunch break ---
Session 5 (until 10:30) (Kunibiki Messe)
09:00 Spectroscopic Factors in the Islands of Inversion à la Nilsson * - Augusto Macchiavelli (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)   (Kunibiki Messe)
09:18 Three-body correlations in direct reactions: Example of 6Be populated in (p, n) reaction - Dr Vratislav Chudoba for ACCULINNA collaboration (JINR Dubna, Russia && Silesian University in Opava, Czech Republic)   (Kunibiki Messe)
09:36 In-beam gamma-ray spectroscopy near the proton drip line: 25Si and 26P - Brenden Longfellow (Michigan State University / National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory)   (Kunibiki Messe)
09:54 RI-beam-induced charge-exchange reaction studies combined with gamma-ray spectroscopy - Dr Shumpei Noji (NSCL/MSU)   (Kunibiki Messe)
10:12 Constraints on the Symmetry Energy from Neutron-Removal Cross Sections - Prof. Thomas Aumann (Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany, GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung, Darmstadt, Germany)   (Kunibiki Messe)
10:30 --- Break+Poster ---
Session 6 (until 12:30) (Kunibiki Messe)
11:00 Evidence for Z=6 subshell closure in neutron-rich carbon isotopes - Dr Hooi Jin Ong (RCNP, Osaka University)   (Kunibiki Messe)
11:18 a new measurement of the intruder configuration in 12Be - Dr Jianling Lou (Peking University)   (Kunibiki Messe)
11:36 Nuclear structure study for the neutron-rich cadmium nuclei beyond 132Sn - Dr He Wang (RIKEN Nishina Center)   (Kunibiki Messe)
11:54 Robustness of the N=34 shell closure: First spectroscopy of 52Ar - Dr Hongna Liu (CEA, Saclay)   (Kunibiki Messe)
Session 9 (until 10:12) (Kunibiki Messe)
09:00 Assessing the foundation of the Trojan Horse Method - Prof. Carlos Carlos Bertulani (Texas A&M University-Commerce)   (Kunibiki Messe)
09:18 Benchmarking reaction theories for nucleon knockout reactions - Mr Kazuki Yoshida (RCNP, Osaka University)   (Kunibiki Messe)
09:36 Study of N=34 sub-shell closure in 54Ca from knock-out reaction - Mr Sidong Chen (Peking University)   (Kunibiki Messe)
09:54 Manifestation of α-clustering in 10Be via α-knockout reaction - Dr Mengjiao Lyu (RCNP, Osaka University)   (Kunibiki Messe)
10:12 --- Break+Poster ---
Session 10 (until 11:57) (Kunibiki Messe)
10:45 Coupled-channels analyses for $^{9,11}$Li + $^{208}$Pb fusion reactions with multi-neutron transfer couplings - Dr Choi Ki-Seok (Department of phyiscs, Soongsil Univ.)   (Kunibiki Messe)
11:03 Elastic scattering measurement for the 10Be+natPb reaction at above the Coulomb barrier energy - Dr D. Patel (Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou, 730000, China)   (Kunibiki Messe)
11:21 Interplay of charge-clustering and weak binding in direct reactions of 8Li - Dr Kaitlin J. Cook (Australian National University)   (Kunibiki Messe)
11:39 Direct reaction mechanisms and fusion hindrance of light, weakly-bound nuclides - Dr Edward Simpson (Australian National University)   (Kunibiki Messe)
11:57 --- Lunch ---
Session 11 (until 10:30) (Kunibiki Messe)
09:00 Exploring the most neutron-rich isotopes of carbon and nitrogen - Nigel Orr (LPC-Caen)   (Kunibiki Messe)
09:18 Study of spin-isospin responses of light nuclei near and along the drip line with PANDORA - Dr Laszlo Stuhl (Center for Nuclear Study, University of Tokyo)   (Kunibiki Messe)
09:36 Study of 19C using single-neutron knockout - Dr Jongwon Hwang (Center for Nuclear Study, University of Tokyo)   (Kunibiki Messe)
09:54 Pairing collectivity in the ground state of Borromean nuclei and unbound 2n-systems: 22C and 26O - Dr JAGJIT SINGH (Nuclear Reaction Data Center, Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University, Sapporo 060-0810, Japan)   (Kunibiki Messe)
10:12 Study of the unbound nuclei 27O and 28O using proton removal reactions - Dr Yosuke KONDO (Tokyo Institute of Technology)   (Kunibiki Messe)
10:30 --- break ---
Session 12 (until 12:30) (Kunibiki Messe)
11:00 Study of spectroscopic factors at N=29 using isobaric analog resonances in inverse kinematics - Dr Daniel Bazin (Michigan State University)   (Kunibiki Messe)
11:18 Production of neutron-rich nuclei via two-proton knockout reaction with deuterium target - Ms Midori Miwa (Department of Physics, Toho University)   (Kunibiki Messe)
11:36 Study of Charge-Exchange Reactions for constraining Stellar Electron-Capture Rates - Dr J. C. Zamora (National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, Michigan State University, East Lansing, USA)   (Kunibiki Messe)
11:54 Measurement of $^{77,79}$Se(d,p) reactions in inverse kinematics at OEDO - Dr Nobuaki IMAI (CNS, Univ. of Tokyo)   (Kunibiki Messe)
Session 15 (until 10:12) (Kunibiki Messe)
09:00 Exotic light nuclei from ab initio theory - Dr Petr Navratil (TRIUMF)   (Kunibiki Messe)
09:18 Probing three-nucleon-force effects via knockout reactions - Dr Kosho Minomo (Research Center for Nuclear Physics, Osaka University)   (Kunibiki Messe)
09:36 Complete Glauber calculations for high-energy inelastic processes - Dr Wataru Horiuchi (Hokkaido University)   (Kunibiki Messe)
09:54 Effect of two-particle two-hole excitations in target nuclei on inelastic differential cross sections - Dr Futoshi Minato (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)   (Kunibiki Messe)
10:12 --- break ---
Session 16 (until 11:57) (Kunibiki Messe)
10:45 Analysis of isospin dependence of "quenching factors" for (p,pn) and (p,2p) reactions via the Transfer to the Continuum formalism - Mr Mario Gómez Ramos (Universidad de Sevilla)   (Kunibiki Messe)
11:03 Inclusive Quasifree Scattering Cross Sections from Medium-Mass Neutron-Rich Nuclei - Ms Nancy Paul (CEA Saclay)   (Kunibiki Messe)
11:21 Persistence of nuclear shell closures far from stability: in-beam γ spectroscopy of 79Cu after proton knockout - Serge Franchoo (IPN Orsay)   (Kunibiki Messe)
11:39 In-beam gamma-ray spectroscopy of 51K and 53K - Dr Yelei Sun (CEA Saclay)   (Kunibiki Messe)
11:57 --- Lunch ---
Session 3 (until 14:42) (Kunibiki Messe)
13:30 Breakup reactions of one-neutron halo nucleus 31Ne - Mr Takato Tomai (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Department of physics)   (Kunibiki Messe)
13:48 First Spectroscopy of 40Mg - Heather Crawford (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)   (Kunibiki Messe)
14:06 Shell structure of 43S studied by one-neutron knockout reaction - Satoru Momiyama (Department of Physics, University of Tokyo)   (Kunibiki Messe)
14:24 Multinucleon transfer and double charge-exchange reactions - Dr José Antonio Lay Valera (Universidad de Sevilla)   (Kunibiki Messe)
14:42 --- Break+Poster ---
Session 4 (until 16:27) (Kunibiki Messe)
15:15 Investigating neutron-proton pairing in sd-shell nuclei via (p,3He) and (3He,p) transfer reactions - Dr Jenny Lee (The University of Hong Kong)   (Kunibiki Messe)
15:33 Transfer reactions induced with 56Ni: np pairing and N=28 shell closure - Ms Anastasia Georgiadou (Institut de Physique Nucléaire d'Orsay (IPN))   (Kunibiki Messe)
15:51 Investigating excitation and nucleon correlation in 8He using reactions with a solid hydrogen target - Matthias Holl (Saint Mary's University / TRIUMF)   (Kunibiki Messe)
16:09 Total cross sections of reactions 6,8He+28Si, 9,11Li+28Si and role of neutron rearrangement - Prof. Viacheslav Samarin (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research)   (Kunibiki Messe)
Poster Session (until 18:30) (Kunibiki Messe)
12:30 --- Lunch break ---
Session 7 (until 15:30) (Kunibiki Messe)
14:00 LINKING NUCLEAR REACTIONS AND NUCLEAR STRUCTURE ON THE WAY TO THE DRIP LINES - Prof. Willem Dickhoff (Department of Physics, Washington University in St. Louis)   (Kunibiki Messe)
14:18 Microscopic optical potential for proton elastic scattering off light exotic nuclei - Dr Matteo Vorabbi (TRIUMF Canada's particle accelerator centre)   (Kunibiki Messe)
14:36 Microscopic description of global optical potential toward unstable nucleus - Dr Takenori Furumoto (Yokohama National University)   (Kunibiki Messe)
14:54 From ab initio structure predictions to reaction calculations via effective field theory - Prof. Pierre Capel (Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz)   (Kunibiki Messe)
15:12 Corrections to the eikonal description of elastic scattering and breakup of halo nuclei - Ms Chloë Hebborn (Université libre de Bruxelles)   (Kunibiki Messe)
15:30 --- Break+Poster ---
Session 8 (until 17:30) (Kunibiki Messe)
16:00 From Nuclei to Neutron Stars with a Microscopic Approach - Prof. Francesca Sammarruca (University of Idaho)   (Kunibiki Messe)
16:18 A POSSIBLE NUCLEAR SOLUTION TO THE 18F DEFICIENCY IN NOVAE - Dr marco la cognata (infn-lns)   (Kunibiki Messe)
16:36 X-ray bursts: Indirect measurement of the astrophysical 23Al(p,γ) reaction - Dr Mohamad Moukaddam (University of Surrey)   (Kunibiki Messe)
16:54 Direct Measurement of Resonances in <sup>7</sup>Be<em>(&alpha;,&gamma;)</em><sup>11</sup>C With DRAGON - Dr Devin Connolly (TRIUMF)   (Kunibiki Messe)
17:12 Study of 19Ne using the 15O + alpha experiment - Ms Dahee Kim (Department of Physics, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea)   (Kunibiki Messe)
Excursion (until 17:30) (Kunibiki Messe)
17:30 --- Banquet ---
Lunch (until 14:00) (Kunibiki Messe)
Session 13 (until 15:30) (Kunibiki Messe)
14:00 Resonance scattering with exotic beams - past, present and future - Prof. Grigory Rogachev (Texas A&amp;amp;M University)   (Kunibiki Messe)
14:18 Structure of 9C via proton elastic scattering - Mr Joshua Hooker (Texas A&amp;M University - Cyclotron Institute)   (Kunibiki Messe)
14:36 Study of the A=9 T=3/2 isobaric quartet through R-Matrix analysis of resonance scattering of analogue states. - Mr Curtis Hunt (Texas A&amp;M University - Physics and Astronomy)   (Kunibiki Messe)
14:54 Studying clustering in O-14 and Be-7 nuclei using resonant scattering and Coulomb excitation - Tan Ahn (University of Notre Dame)   (Kunibiki Messe)
15:12 Search for T=5 isobaric analog states in 48Ca - Sriteja Upadhyayula (Cyclotron Institute - Texas A&amp;M University)   (Kunibiki Messe)
15:30 --- Break ---
Session 14 (until 17:30) (Kunibiki Messe)
16:00 Mirror energy differences and neutron skin - Prof. Silvia M. Lenzi (University of Padova and INFN)   (Kunibiki Messe)
16:18 Pygmy dipole states in deformed nuclei - Dr Edoardo G. Lanza (INFN - Sezione di Catania)   (Kunibiki Messe)
16:36 E1 responses of neutron-rich Ca isotopes 50Ca and 52Ca - Dr Yasuhiro Togano (Tokyo Institute of Technology)   (Kunibiki Messe)
16:54 Study of breakup channels for the 6He+64Zn reaction at energies around the Coulomb barrier. - Dr Juan Pablo Fernández-García (University of Seville)   (Kunibiki Messe)
17:12 Reaction mechanisms of 17F+58Ni at energies around the Coulomb barrier - Dr Lei Yang (Center for nulcear study, the University of Tokyo)   (Kunibiki Messe)
Session 17 (until 14:42) (Kunibiki Messe)
13:30 Halo-induced large enhancement of soft dipole excitation of 11Li observed via proton inelastic scattering - Dr Junki Tanaka (TU Darmstadt)   (Kunibiki Messe)
13:48 Borromean Feshbach resonance in 11Li studied via 11Li(p,p') - Dr Takuma Matsumoto (Kyushu University)   (Kunibiki Messe)
14:06 Linking structure and dynamics in (p,pN) reactions induced by Borromean nuclei - Dr Jesús Casal (ECT*)   (Kunibiki Messe)
14:24 Study of neutron-neutron correlation in Borromean nucleus 11Li via the quasi-free (p,pn) reaction - Dr Yuki Kubota (RIKEN Nishina Center)   (Kunibiki Messe)
14:42 --- Break ---
Session 18 (until 16:15) (Kunibiki Messe)
15:15 Concluding remark - Dr Isao Tanihata   (Kunibiki Messe)
15:45 Prize and Closing - Dr Yosuke KONDO Prof. Takashi Nakamura (Tokyo Institute of Technology)   (Kunibiki Messe)