1 March 2019
Wako Branch
Asia/Tokyo timezone
Finished the call for poster presentations. Thank you for your cooperation. The accepted poster presenters are shown to Poster Presenter List.

Poster Presenter List

45 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Ahmed Ali Laboratory for Cell Dynamics Research
Akira Wada Nonnatural Amino Acid Technology
Arno Germond Laboratory for Comprehensive Bioimaging
Chao Li Generic Technology Research Group, Causal Inference Team
CHIWAI YIP Laboratory for Advanced Genomics Circuit
Dita Sari Meson Science Laboratory / Shibaura Institute of Technology
dongshi zhang Advanced Laser Processing Research Team
Harison Rozak Meson Science Laboratory
Isao Watanabe Meson Science laboratory
Jen-Chien Chang Epigenome Technology Exploration Unit
Jens Wilkinson International Affairs Division
Katsumasa Fujiki Biofunctional Synthetic Chemistry Laboratory
Kazuo Hosokawa Bioengineering Laboratory
Kenward Vong Biofunctional Synthetic Chemistry Laboratory
Khurram Bashir Plant Genomic Network Research Team
Makoto Takeo Laboratory for Organ Regeneration
Marc Macchi Laboratory for Neurodiversity
Markus Kriener Strong Correlation Materials Research Group
Masashi Ugawa Medical Image Analysis Team
Masatoshi Takagi Cellular Dynamics Laboratory
Masatsugu Yamashita Terahertz Sensing and Imaging Research Team
Md. Mofizur Rahman Emergent Bioengineering Materials Research Team
Michael Fraser Quantum Functional System Research Group
Motoaki Seki Plant Genomic Network Research Team
Muhammad Khan Terahertz Quantum Device Research Team
Naoya Aizawa Emergent Supramolecular Materials Research Team
Nobuhiro Nakai Laboratory for Mental Biology
Nobuyuki Tanaka Laboratory for Integrated Biodevice
Pascal Naidon Quantum Hadron Physics Laboratory
Pasquale Marra Quantum System Theory Research Team
Peter GREIMEL Laboratory for Cell Function Dynamics
Ryo Aoki Laboratory for Neural Circuits and Behavior
Ryo Maeda Cellular Informatics Laboratory
S Kelly Epigenome Technology Exploration Unit
Satoshi Amaya Laboratory for Integrated Biodevice
Satoshi Aya Physicochemical Soft Matter Research Team
Satria Bisri Emergent Device Research Team
Shisako Shoji Laboratory for Protein Functional and Structural Biology
Tomohiro Otsuka Quantum Functional System Research Group
Toshio Nagashima NMR Science and Development Division
Yasmine Abouleila Laboratory for Cell-Free Protein Synthesis
Yibo Wu YCI Laboratory for Next-Generation Proteomics
Yoichiro Kamimura Laboratory for Cell Signaling Dynamics
Yun Kyung Park Laboratory for Synaptic Plasticity and Connectivity
Zhang Huiping NMR Science and Development Division