Nov 7 – 12, 2019
RIKEN Wako Campus and Kyoto University
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Access to RIKEN Wako Campus and Kyoto University

Access to RIKEN Wako campus

The place of the meeting for the 1st week (Nov. 7th and 8th) is Okochi Hall (C32*, 7th) and Room 224-226 at the Main Research Building (C01*, 8th) on the RIKEN Wako campus. The offices of our research group "Astrophysical Big Bang Laboratory" (ABBL) are also in the Main Research Building. For access to the RIKEN Wako campus, please see the pdf file below.

Access to Wako Campus (pdf)

* On Campus Map (p. 4 of the pdf file), Okochi Hall and Main Research Building are denoted as C32 and C01, respectively.

For the details, please visit the link below.

Access to Wako Campus

How to enter buildings in Wako Campus

To enter the most of buildings in Wako Campus, one need an ID card (or a temporal entrance card for visitors).

First, please visit "West Gate Guard Station" and inform your name and that you are one of participants of this workshop (Collaborative Meeting on Supernova Remnants between Japan and USA) to get a temporal entrance card

Once you get the card, you can enter any building by holding the card over card readers in front of automatic doors. Please show the card to a guard at the West Gate whenever you re-enter the campus.

Please make sure that you return the temporal entrance card at the Guard Station everyday, when you leave the campus for your accommodation.

From the second day,  you can get the temporal entrance card at the Guard Station by showing your name plate (provided at the registration).

On campus, there are several cafeterias (e.g., C61, C72). Please note that payment by cash is not accepted at the cafeterias. Instead, you need to pay by using a prepaid IC card for public transport, e.g., Suica, PASMO (See here). You can recharge the card at the entrances of any cafeteria. On the 2nd floor of building C61, there is a small convenience store, where you can pay by cash.


Access to Kyoto University

The place of the 2nd week (11th-12th Nov.) is SUURI-COOL (Kyoto) at the North campus of Kyoto University. SUURI-COOL is located at Room 204-205 in Maskawa Building for Education and Research. Here is the link for the access to SUURI-COOL (Kyoto).

Access to SUURI-COOL (Kyoto)