5-6 December 2019
Wako Branch
Asia/Tokyo timezone
Extended the call for oral and poster presentations until Nov. 25th or maximum 5 oral talks and 50 posters. The accepted presenters are shown to Presenter List.

Scientific Programme

  • Opening Remarks(開会の挨拶): 1 day

    Dr. Yasumasa Takenaka (Chairman of SASC, Research Scientist, Bioplastic Research Team, CSRS)
    竹中 康将(研究員会議 代表幹事、環境資源科学研究センター バイオプラスチック研究チーム 研究員)

  • About the Scientists' Assembly Steering Committee(研究員会議 (SASC)とは)

    Dr. Yasumasa Takenaka (Chairman of SASC, Research Scientist, Bioplastic Research Team, CSRS)
    竹中 康将(研究員会議 代表幹事、環境資源科学研究センター バイオプラスチック研究チーム 研究員)

    Web Page of SASC:

  • Oral Presentations(口頭発表)

    1).42 mW Light Power and 9.1% EQE from AlGaN-based 304 nm-Band UVB LEDs grown on AlN Template
    Dr. Muhammad Ajmal Kha
    Special Postdoctoral Researcher
    Terahertz Quantum Device Research Team, RAP

    2).Large fluctuations and the brain
    Dr. Lukasz Kusmierz
    Research Scientist
    Laboratory for Neural Computation and Adaptation, CBS

    3).Hierarchical nanostructures and novel nanomaterials produced by laser ablation in liquids
    Dr. Dongshi Zhang
    Postdoctoral Researcher
    Advanced Laser Processing Research Team, RAP

    4).Innovation on Metal-Mediated 11C-Cyanation and Intracyclic 11C-Labeling
    Dr. Zhouen Zhang
    Research Scientist
    Laboratory for Chemical Biology, BDR

  • V.S.O.P.s(ショートトーク)

    "Discovery Evening"
    1.Development of Cu Spin Correlation in Overdoped La2-xSrxCuO4 Nanoparticles
    Mr. Suci Winarsih
    International Program Associate
    Meson Science Laboratory, RNC

    2.Tunable superconducting microwave beam splitter and switch on-chip
    Ms. Iuliia Zotova
    International Program Associate
    Superconducting Quantum Simulation Research Team, CEMS

    3.Hacking magnets with big data
    Mrs. Marie-Therese Diana Huebsch
    International Program Associate
    First-Principles Materials Science Research Team, CEMS

    4.Investigating the physiological role of Amyloid Precursor Protein
    Mr. Oliver Robert Wilkes
    International Program Associate
    Laboratory for Neurodiversity, CBS*

    5.The bushing of bacterial flagellar motor analyzed by electron cryomicroscopy
    Ms. Tomoko Yamaguchi
    Junior Research Associate
    Laboratory for Supramolecular System Dynamics Research, BDR

    "General (Researcher)"
    6.Trials to visualize unidentified metabolic pathways and enzymes
    Dr. Yoko Chiba
    Research Scientist
    Biofunctional Catalyst Research Team, CSRS

    7.Hyperspectral imaging and Terahertz Spectroscopic Imaging Technology as the Novel Techniques for Food
    Dr. Chaohui Feng
    Special Postdoctoral Researcher
    Terahertz Sensing and Imaging Research Team, RAP*

    8.lectron Ion Collider
    Dr. Yuji Goto
    Senior Research Scientist
    Radiation Laboratory, RNC

    9.Study of protein stability by integral equation theory of molecular liquids
    Dr. Yutaka Maruyama
    Research Scientist
    Architecture Development Team, R-CCS

    10.n vivo calcium imaging with a single cell resolution using “cosmoscope”, a new wide-field two-photon microscope
    Dr. Keisuke Ota
    Research Scientist
    Laboratory for Haptic Perception and Cognitive Physiology, CBS

    11.Universality of Few Charged Particles
    Dr. Christiane Heike Schmickler
    Postdoctoral Researcher
    Strangeness Nuclear Physics Laboratory, RNC

    12.Memory of my victory and your defeat: Contributions of reward- and memory-related regions to the encoding of winning events in competitions with others
    Dr. Hikaru Sugimoto
    Postdoctoral Researcher
    Cognitive Behavioral Assistive Technology Team, AIP

    13.QM/MM in GENESIS: Anharmonic vibrational calculations of biomolecules
    Dr. Kiyoshi Yagi
    Senior Research Scientist
    Theoretical Molecular Science Laboratory, CPR

    14.EDGE:An Chisel-Based General Purpose Network on Chip Generator
    Dr. Hao Zhang
    Research Scientist
    Laboratory for Computational Molecular Design, BDR

  • Poster Presentations(ポスター発表)

    43 Posters.
    You can get the this workshop programs in this web site.

  • The 20th Interdisciplinary Exchange Evening(第20回 異分野交流の夕べ)

    Free food and drinks (sponsored by President, Executive Directors, Auditors, CPR, RNC, RAP, and RIKEN Mutual Benefit Society)

    Live Performance by CPR Band

  • Opening Remarks(開会の挨拶): 2 day

    Dr. Masafumi Jo (WG1 Leader of SASC, CPR)
    定 昌史(研究員会議 WG1リーダー、平山量子光素子研究室)

  • About the Collaboration Seed Fund (「連携のタネ」ファンド)

    Dr. Yue Ma (WG4 "Researcher Exchange" Leader of SASC, CPR)
    Ma Yue(研究員会議 研究者交流ワーキンググループ リーダー、開拓研究本部)

    Web Page of the Collaboration Seed Fund:

  • Special Talks(特別講演)

    Dr. Tomohiro Hiraishi (Deputy Chairman, RSASC)
    平石 知裕 (理研 研究員会議幹事会 副代表幹事)

    研究所計画のプロセスからメンテナンスまで −理想のラボと現実−
    ※ in Japanese(注:講演は日本語になります。)

    Mr. Satoshi Tanaka (Corporate Officer, Senior Executive Manager, Research Facility Division, Dalton Corporation)
    田中 智(株式会社 ダルトン 執行役員 施設機器事業部 事業部長兼営業統括部長)

    Mr. Toshimitsu Masuda (General Manager, Business Promotion Department, Research Facility Division, Dalton Corporation)
    増田 敏充(株式会社 ダルトン 施設機器事業部 事業推進統括部 統括部長)

    Web Page:

  • About the Chief Scientist Assembly (CSA) Research Workshop(主任会研究会とは)

    Dr. Tahei Tahara (Chair of CSA, Chief Scientist of Molecular Spectroscopy Laboratory, CPR)
    田原 太平(主任会 議長、田原分子分光研究室 主任研究員)

  • Short Award Talks(受賞者講演:主任研究員会議 研究会)

    1).Robust learning against label noise
    "RIKEN BAIHO Awards(理研梅峰賞)"
    Dr. Gang Niu
    Research Scientist (Imperfect Information Learning Team, Generic Technology Research Group, AIP)

    2).A secreted mobile peptide mediates distant organ communications in drought stress response
    "RIKEN BAIHO Awards(理研梅峰賞)"
    Dr. Fuminori Tahahashi(高橋 史憲)
    Research Scientist (Gene Discovery Research Group, CSRS)

    3).Optimization algorithm of order/degree problem for network topology in parallel computer system
    "RIKEN BAIHO Awards(理研梅峰賞)"
    Dr. Masahiro Nakao(中尾 昌広)
    Research Scientist (Programming Environment Research Team, R-CCS)

    4).The right decision is not always right — What I think through the PiP development
    "RIKEN BAIHO Awards(理研梅峰賞)"
    Dr. Atsushi Hori(堀 敦史)
    Senior Research Scientist (System Software Research Team, R-CCS)

    5).Establishment of a new fate mapping system and identification of a molecular pathway of multipotent memory CD8+ T cells
    "RIKEN BAIHO Awards(理研梅峰賞)"
    Dr. Harumichi Ishigame(石亀 晴道)
    Research Scientist (Laboratory for Tissue Dynamics, IMS)

    6).Development of a new genomic technology for DNA replication analysis in single cells
    "RIKEN EIHO Awards(理研栄峰賞)"
    Dr. Hisashi Miura(三浦 尚)
    Research Scientist (Laboratory for Developmental Epigenetics, BDR)
    Dr. Ichiro Hiratani(平谷 伊智朗)、Dr. Saori Takahashi(高橋 沙央里)

  • Invited Talks(研究紹介)

    Dr. Yasumasa Takenaka (Chairman, RSASC)
    竹中 康将 (理研 研究員会議幹事会 代表幹事)

    1). Rational Design of Mixed-Anions Semiconductor Photocatalysts toward Solar Hydrogen Production

    Dr. Ryu Abe (Professor, Kyoto University)
    阿部 竜(京都大学 大学院工学研究科 教授)
    ※ in English(注:講演は英語になります。)

    Web Page of Abe Laboratory:

    2). Catalyst and process design for synthesis/decomposition of ammonia as an energy carrier

    Dr. Katsutoshi Nagaoka (Professor, Nagoya University)
    永岡 勝俊(名古屋大学 工学部 マテリアル工学科 教授)
    ※ in English(注:講演は英語になります。)

    Web Page of Nagaoka Laboratory:

  • Closing(閉会)