List of speakers

Andrei Andreyev (University of York)"ISOLDE studies of the neutron-rich nuclides east of 208Pb"
Masato Asai (JAEA)"Study of neutron-rich Fm and transfermium nuclei with 254Es target ant MNT"
Maxime Brodeur (University of Notre Dame)"RIB production using MNT reactions at the N = 126 Factory"
Arno Claessens (KU Leuven)"Laser ionization of thorium via Rydeberg states in hypersonic gas jets"
Paul Constantin (ELI)"Simulations of MNT experiments with INCREASE (GSI) and IGISOL (JYFL)"
Timo Dickel (GSI)"MNT experiments with stable and secondary beams at the FRS and Super-FRS Ion Catcher"
Julia Even (University of Groningen)"What is NEXT? A setup to study Neutron-rich heavy, EXotic nuclei produced in multinucleon Transfer reactions"
Zhaoqing Feng (South China University of Technology)"Cluster transfer and cluster emission in massive transfer reactions"
Rafael Ferrer (KU Leuven)"High-resolution resonance ionization spectroscopy at the S3-Low Energy Branch of the GANIL-SPIRAL2 facility"
Yoshikazu Hirayama (KEK WNSC)"KISS for nuclear spectroscopy of MNT products"
Devaraja HM (JINR)"MNT studies with Velocity Filters"
Toshitaka Kajino (Beihang University)"Origin of the r-process elements in cosmic evolution and nuclear physics"
Anu Kankainen (University of Jyväskylä)"Production and studies of neutron-rich nuclei at IGISOL"
Alexander Karpov (JINR) 
Sota Kimura (KEK WNSC)"Current status and prospects of MNT study with helium gas-cell + MRTOF system towards N = 126 and 152"
Galina Knyazheva (JINR)"The experimental study of properties of MNT fragments formed in the reactions with 238U"
Teresa Kurtukian Nieto (CSIC-IEM)"Prospects of MNT studies at N = 126 for r-process nucleosynthesis with the ISOLDE Superconducting Reoil Separator"
Filip Kondev (ANL)"Studies of K Isomers using Multi-nucleon Transfer Reactions and Gammasphere"
Zhong Liu (IMP)"Plan on the experimental study of MNT reactions at IMP: as spectroscopy tool and the reaction mechanism"
Anabel Morales (IFIC)"Discovery of new ms-isomers in 213Tl and 215Tl at RIBF-RIKEN"
Momo Mukai (Nagoya University)"The progress of in-gas-cell laser ionization spectroscopy of neutron-rich tungsten isotopes"
Matthew Mumpower (LANL)"Actinide experimental efforts for uncovering the origin of the heaviest elements"
Katsuhisa Nishio (JAEA)"Separation of evaporation residues produced in MNT reactions using JAEA-Recoil Mass Separator"
Zsolt Podolyak (University of Surrey)"208Pb fragmentation at BigRIPS vs MNT reactions to produce N~126 nuclei"
Marco Rosenbusch (RIKEN Nishina Center) 
Vyacheslav Saiko (JINR)"Theoretical investigation of multinucleon transfer reactions within the dynamic model based on Langevin equations"
Jan Saren (University of Jyväskylä)"Studies of MNT reactions at the Coulomb barrier with Jyväskylä in-flight separator"
Kazuyuki Sekizawa (TITech)"Microscopic approaches for multinucleon transfer reactions beyond TDHF: recent progress"
Praveen Srivastava (IIT Roorkee)"Shell model study of allowed and forbidden beta decay in the Pb region"
Barbara Sulignano (CEA)"Synthesis of heavy nuclei in multinucleon transfer reactions 136Xe + 238U close to 0o"
Oleg Tarasov (MSU)"Production and discovery of high-Z neutron-rich isotopes at NSCL and FRIB"
Emanuele Vardaci (INFN, Naples)"MNT studies with TOF methods at GSI, JYFL and Dubna"
Yutaka Watanabe (KEK WNSC)"Future plan of KISS for spectroscopy of neutron-rich actinoids"
Dan Watts (University of York)"Photoinduced many proton knockout - a new method to access neutron rich nuclei?"
Jinn Ming Yap (RIKEN) 
Alexandra Zadvornaya (University of Giessen)"Development and commissioning of the MNT gas cell for IGISOL"