The beta decay half-lives and beta-delayed neutron emission probabilities have been systematically measured at RIKEN RIBF, and more data will be published. These data have not only approached solving the mystery of the origin of heavy elements but also had a significant impact on nuclear structure theory. The beta decay Q value is crucial for determining the beta decay rate, and hence a mass model with high accuracy is required. Furthermore, since the beta decay is sensitive to the shell structure near the Fermi surface, the importance of nuclear deformation and nuclear superfluidity has been suggested. A possible impact of Coulomb distortion, which is unique to the beta decay of heavy nuclei, has been pointed out. In this workshop, we aim to share the latest data obtained at the RIBF with theoretical researchers and discuss the future direction: we seek to understand the structure of heavy neutron-rich nuclei and the properties of neutron matter from the systematics of beta decay observables.

Wataru Horiuchi (Osaka Metropolitan University)
Shunji Nishimura (RIKEN Nishina Center)
Kenichi Yoshida (Osaka University)

Nishina Hall
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