Recent experimental and theoretical researches of unstable nuclei have revealed that spin-dependent non-central interactions play significant roles in their structure and dynamics. The symposium focuses on phenomena related to the non-central interactions, such as spin-orbit, tensor, and three-nucleon interactions. The symposium will cover following topics: ・ Spin-orbit coupling and its evolution ・ Clustering phenomena ・ Spin giant resonances ・ EoS and symmetry energy ・ Reaction This symposium is a satellite meeting of the 20th International Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics ( ) held at Fukuoka. Date: 2012/08/27--28 Place: RIBF Conference Hall, RIKEN Organizers: T. Uesaka (co-chair, RNC), N. Itagaki (co-chair, YITP), H. Sagawa (Aizu/RNC), Y. Suzuki (Niigata/RNC), M. Sasano (RNC), H. Nakada (Chiba), T. Kawabata (Kyoto)
RIKEN Nishina Center
RIBF Bldg.2F Conference Hall