13-17 June 2016
Niigata University (Ikarashi Campus)
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Development of high time resolution detector for RI beam using Cherenkov light

15 Jun 2016, 16:10
Library Hall, Central Library (Niigata University (Ikarashi Campus))

Library Hall, Central Library

Niigata University (Ikarashi Campus)

Central Library, Niigata University (Ikarashi Campus), 8050 Ikarashi 2-nocho, Nishi-ku Niigata City, 950-2181, Japan
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Ms Eri Miyata (graduate school of science Niigata University)


In order to improve the resolution of particle identification for radioactive beams, it is important to develop the high time resolution detector to measure TOF. We have developed the high time resolution TOF detector which detects the Cherenkov light emitted when RI beam passes through the high refractive index radiator. Generally, the plastic scintillation counter has been commonly used as a fast TOF detector. The fast scintillation light of an organic scintillator could be emitted with the decay time of the order of a few ns. On the other hand, Cherenkov light could be instantly emitted without de-excitation process. Therefore, it is advantageous to use Cherenkov radiation instead of scintillation to obtain the high time resolution.  Experiments were performed at HIMAC (Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator in Chiba), NIRS. 58Ni, 82Kr and 132Xe beams of which beam energies are from 200 to 500 MeV/nucleon have been used for the test of Cherenkov detector. The methods to couple radiator and PMTs optically have been studied through the experiment and also simulation by Geant4. The time resolution of 5 ps has been achieved with 132Xe beam of 420A MeV. It has been found that the time resolution depends on the number of Cherenkov photons detected by a TOF detector. In the short talk, the experimental results will be reported and discussed.

Primary author

Ms Eri Miyata (graduate school of science Niigata University)


Mr Akira Honma (Niigata University) Ms Ayaka Ikeda (Niigata University) Prof. Daiki Nishimura (Tokyo University of Science) Mr Hajime Shimamura (Tokyo University of Science) Mr Hang Du (Osaka University) Mr Hiroyuki Oikawa (Tokyo University of Science) Mr Ikuma Kato (Saitama University) Mr Junichi Muraoka (Tokyo University of Science) Mr Kazuya Chikaato (graduate school of science Niigata University) Mr Kenji Nishizuka (Niigata University) Mr Kosuke Ohnishi (Osaka University) Mr Masahiro Machida (Tokyo University of Science) Mr Masaomi Tanaka (Osaka University) Dr Maya Takechi (Niigata University) Prof. Mitsunori Fukuda (Osaka University) Mr Naoto Kanda (Niigata University) Ms Natsuki Tadano (Saitama University) Mr Ryu Takagaki (Tokyo University of Science) Mr Shoichi Yagi (Tokyo University of Science) Mr Takanobu Sugihara (Osaka University) Prof. Takashi Ohtsubo (Niigata University) Prof. Takayuki Yamaguchi (Saitama University) Prof. Takeshi Suzuki (Saitama University) Prof. Takuji Izumikawa (Niigata University RI center) Ms Yuki Takei (Tokyo University of Science) Mr Yutaro Tanaka (Osaka University)

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