Measurement of $^{77,79}$Se(d,p) reactions in inverse kinematics at OEDO

Jun 7, 2018, 11:54 AM
Kunibiki Messe (Matsue)

Kunibiki Messe


Oral contribution Session 12


Dr Nobuaki IMAI (CNS, Univ. of Tokyo)


A new beam line named OEDO which can degrade the beam energy and squeeze the spatial distribution was installed at RIBF. As the first campaign of the experiments, $^{77,79}$Se(d,p)$^{X}$Se reactions were measured as a surrogate of the $^{79}$Se($n, \gamma$)$^{80}$Se* reaction for the nuclear mutation of the radioactive waste of $^{79}$Se. The $\gamma$ transition probabilities from the unbound states of $^{78,80}$Se were determined by directly measuring the outgoing particles instead of detecting the $\gamma$ rays. In this talk, we will explain the experimental setup and the preliminary result on the ($n,\gamma$) cross sections.

Primary author

Dr Nobuaki IMAI (CNS, Univ. of Tokyo)


Mr Daisuke Suzuki (Department of Physics, University of Tokyo) Dr Kathrin Wimmer (The University of Tokyo) Dr Masanori Dozono (Center for Nuclear Study, the University of Tokyo) Dr Philipp Schrock (CNS, University of Tokyo) Dr Shin'ichiro MICHIMASA (CNS, Univ. of Tokyo) Dr Shinsuke Ota (Center for Nuclear Study, University of Tokyo) Prof. Susumu Shimoura (CNS, University of Tokyo) Dr Toshiyuki Sumikama (RIKEN Nishina Center)

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