Venue of the workshop and the celebration party

KKR 甲府ニュー芙蓉
KKR Kofu New Fuyo Hotel

〒400-0026 山梨県甲府市塩部3-6-10
3-6-10 Shiobe, Kofu, 400-0026 Yamanashi
Tel. 055-252-1327

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FYI: Taking a train "Super Azusa No. 1" from Shinjuku departing at 7:00am, arrival time at Kofu is 8:28am. Next train "LTD Exp. Azusa No. 3" departs from Shinjuku at 7:30am and arrives at Kofu at 9:07am. KKR hotel is located in a distance of 5 min by a taxi.

On the way back, you can take "Super-Azusa 36" departing from Kofu at 21:09
to arrive at Shinjuku at 22:37. Taking a local train at 22:07, you will arrive at 0:37am.
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