14 December 2018
Wako Branch
Asia/Tokyo timezone
Finished the call for poster presentations, because the maximum numbers of the application for poster presentation registrations were accepted. Thank you for your cooperation. The accepted poster presenters are shown to Poster Presenter List.

Scientific Programme

  • Opening Remark(開会の挨拶)

    Shigeo Koyasu (RIKEN Executive Director)
    小安 重夫(理研 理事)

  • About the Chief Scientist Assembly (CSA) Research Workshop(主任会研究会とは)

    Tahei Tahara (Chair of CSA, Chief Scientist of Molecular Spectroscopy Laboratory, CPR)
    田原 太平(主任会 議長、田原分子分光研究室 主任研究員)

  • Short Award Talks(受賞者講演:主任研究員会議 研究会)

    1.Big Data, Supercomputing, and Data Assimilation: Weather Prediction and Beyond
    "RIKEN BAIHO Awards"
    Dr. Takemasa Miyoshi(三好 建正)
    Team Leader
    Data Assimilation Research Team, R-CCS

    2.Molecular motors drive life
    "RIKEN Research Incentive Awards"
    Dr. Keisuke Fujita(藤田 恵介)
    Special Postdoctoral Researcher
    Laboratory for Cell Dynamics Observation, BDR

    3.Spallation reaction study for fission products in high-level radioactive waste
    "RIKEN Research Incentive Awards"
    Dr. He Wang
    Contact Researcher
    Nuclear Transmutation Data Research Group, Fast RI Data Team, RNC

    4.Large cytoplasmic size link to the error-prone nature of oocytes
    "RIKEN Research Incentive Awards"
    Dr. Hirohisa Kyogoku(京極 博久)
    Special Postdoctoral Researcher
    Laboratory for Chromosome Segregation, BDR

    5.Dilemma of microscopy facility manager
    "RIKEN BAIHO Awards"
    (Language: Japanese)
    Dr. Kiminori Toyooka(豊岡 公徳)
    Senior Technical Scientist
    Technology Platform Division, Mass Spectrometry and Microscopy Unit, CSRS

    6.Development of technologies for effective reproduction in mice
    "RIKEN Technology Incentive Awards"
    (Language: Japanese)
    Ms. Ayumi Hasegawa(長谷川 歩未)
    Technical Staff II
    Bioresource Engineering Division, BRC

    7.Evidence for Majyorana modes in topological Josephson junctions
    "RIKEN Research Incentive Awards"
    Dr. Russell Stewart Deacon
    Senior Research Scientist
    Quantum Effect Device Research Team, CEMS

    8.Cryo-electron microscopy of a large variety of macromolecular assemblies
    "RIKEN Research Incentive Awards"
    Dr. Takeshi Yokoyama(横山 武司)
    Research Scientist
    Laboratory for Protein Functional and Structural Biology, BDR

  • About the Scientists' Assembly Steering Committee(研究員会議 (SASC)とは)

    Dr. Yuichiro Kato (Chair of SASC, Chief Scientist of Nanoscale Quantum Photonics Laboratory, CPR)
    加藤 雄一郎(研究員会議 代表幹事、加藤ナノ量子フォトニクス研究室 主任研究員)

    Web Page of SASC:

  • Invited Talks(研究紹介)

    1.Dr. Tetsuo Hatsuda (Director of RIKEN Interdisciplinary Theoretical and Mathematical Sciences Program)
    初田 哲男(数理創造プログラム ディレクター)

    Web Page of i-THEMS:

    2.Dr. Satoshi Matsuoka (Director of RIKEN Center for Computational Science)
    松岡 聡(計算化学研究センター センター長)

    Web Page of R-CCS:

    3.Dr. Kyogo Kawaguchi (Team Leader of Nonequilibrium physics of living matter RIKEN Hakubi Research Team, RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research)
    川口 喬吾(川口生体非平衡物理学理研白眉研究チーム チームリーダー、生命機能科学研究センター)

    Web Page of BDR:
    Web Page of Nonequilibrium physics of living matter RIKEN Hakubi Research Team:
    Web Page of RIKEN Hakubi:

  • About the Collaboration Seed Fund 「連携のタネ」ファンド

    Dr. Yasumasa Takenaka (WG1 "Researcher Exchange" Leader of SASC, Bioplastic Research Team, CSRS)
    竹中 康将(研究員会議 研究者交流ワーキンググループ リーダー、環境資源科学研究センター バイオプラスチック研究チーム)

    Web Page of the Collaboration Seed Fund:

  • Special Talk(特別講演「論文1報より100人の友」)

    Dr. Kohei Tamao (RIKEN Honorary Science Advisor, President of Toyota Physical and Chemical Research Institute)
    玉尾 皓平(理研 栄誉研究員, 豊田理化学研究所 所長)

    Web Page:

  • V.S.O.P.s(口頭発表)

    "FY2016 Research Reporting Session for Incentive Research Grants"
    1.Static and optical magnetoelectric effects in the ferrotoroidic LiTMPO4 (TM= transition metal) orthophosphates
    Dr. Vilmos Kocsis
    Postdoctoral researcher
    Strong Correlation Materials Research Group, CEMS

    2.Generation of a strong 'water window' soft X ray source for high contrast biological imaging
    Dr. Yuxi Fu
    Research Scientist
    Attosecond Science Research Team, RAP

    3.Spin to charge inter-conversion via mechanical vibrations and light
    Dr. Jorge Puebla
    Postdoctoral researcher
    Quantum Nano-scale Magnetism Research Team, CEMS

    "Discovery Evening"
    4.Neuronal reprogramming of human dedifferentiated cells from mature adipocytes: Generation of clinically available autologous neurons
    Dr. Rei Nakano(中野 令)
    Special Postdoctoral Researcher
    Laboratory for Cellular Function Conversion Technology, IMS

    5.G-quadruplex-Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles, A New Door for Cancer Drugs Detection
    Ms. Surachada Chuaychob
    International Program Associate
    Bioengineering Laboratory, CPR

    6.Site-specific peptides capturing (SPEC) system to regulate enzymatic activities
    Ms. Shoko Harada(原田 頌子)
    Junior Research Associate
    Laboratory for Synthetic Biology, BDR

    7.Pairwise Efficiency: a new mathematical method to improve your qPCR results
    Mrs. Yulia Panina
    International Program Associate
    Laboratory for Comprehensive Bioimaging, BDR

    8.Finding 3D biological shapes for a small number of XFEL diffraction patterns
    Dr. Sandhya Premnath Tiwari
    Special Postdoctoral Researcher
    Computational Structural Biology Research Team, R-CCS

    "General (Researcher)"
    9.Simulation study of single particle analysis for large biomolecule by X-ray free electron laser experiment
    Dr. Miki Nakano(中野 美紀)
    Postdoctoral Researcher
    Computational Structural Biology Research Team, R-CCS

    10.Why do we have to age and die? An approach via life-long and video-rate recording of C. elegans behaviors
    Dr. Yukinobu Arata(荒田 幸信)
    Senior Research Scientist
    Cellular Informatics Laboratory, CPR

    11.A chemical method to map oxidatively damaged DNA bases and its potential use in multimodal cell analysis
    Dr. Fumiko Kawasaki(河﨑 史子)
    Research Scientist
    Goal-Oriented Technology Research Group,Media Image Analysis Team, AIP

    12.Sub-nanometer Resolution Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopy in Ambient
    Dr. Maria Vanessa Balois
    Postdoctoral researcher
    Innovative Photon Manipulation Research Team, RAP

    13.Biosynthesis of bacterial bioplastics and its biocompatibility in human mesenchymal stem cells
    Dr. Lakshmanan Kumar Manoj
    Visiting Scientist
    Bioplastic Research Team, CSRS
    (School of Biological Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia)

    "General (Clerical Staff)"
    14.A study of an internship program: The case of RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project
    Ms. Ikuko Tsumura(津村 育子)
    Research Administrator
    Office of the Center Director, AIP

    15.RIKEN crowdfunding system (Language: Japanese)
    Mr. Yoshiyuki Nemoto(根本 嘉之)
    External Funds Office, Headquarters

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