Jul 18 – 23, 2019
RIKEN, Wako Campus and Kobe Campus
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Access to Wako Campus and Kobe Campus

Access to Wako Campus

The place of the conference for the 1st week (July 18th and 19th) is Okochi Hall (C32*) on the RIKEN campus in Wako. Please note that there exists the possibility that this will be changed to Main Research Building (C01*), which is located next to Okochi Hall. The offices of our research group "Astrophysical Big Bang Laboratory" (ABBL) are also in the Main Research Building. For access to the RIKEN Wako campus, please see the pdf file below.

Access to Wako Campus (pdf)

* On Campus Map (p. 4 of the pdf file), Okochi Hall and Main Research Building are denoted as C32 and C01, respectively.

For more information, please visit the link below.

Access to Wako Campus

How to enter buildings in Wako Campus

To enter the most of buildings in Wako Campus, we need an ID card.

For the participants from outside of Japan, an entrance card that is valid during your stay in Wako will be issued at the registration.  However, to enter the Wako campus for the first time, you must receive an another temporal entrance card at the "West Gate Guard Station". At the Guard Station, please inform your name and that you are a participant of the workshop. We will exchange the 2 cards at the registration. You can keep the card during your stay, i.e. you don't need to return it everyday, but  please make sure you return the card at the end of your stay in Wako. For those who will stay at the guest house of RIKEN, you also have to do the checkin process at the West Gate Guard Station. The detail will be announced few days before the workshop by email.

For the participants from Japan, please drop in at the West Gate Guard Station everyday to receive the temporal entrance card. Each time, you need to tell the guard your name and that you are attending the workshop. Please return the entrance card every day when you leave the campus.

Once you get the card, you can enter any building by holding the card over the reader in front of the automatic doors. Please show the card to a guard at West Gate whenever you enter the campus.

On campus, there are several cafeterias (e.g., C61, C72). Please note that payment by cash is not accepted at the cafeterias. Instead, you should pay using the same prepaid IC card that you use for public transport, e.g., Suica, PASMO (See here). You can recharge the card at the entrances of any cafeteria. On the 2nd floor of building C61, there is a small convenience store, where you can pay by cash.


Access to Kobe Campus

The conference venue during the 2nd week is at the "integrated innovative building (IIB)" on Kobe campus East Area, RIKEN. The Kobe campus is located very close to Kobe airport. From the Kobe airport it is 6 minutes by train to the nearest train station (Iryo Center station) from the campus. From the exit of Iryo Center station, it is roughly 2 minutes walk to reach the integrated innovative building (IIB). As you exit the gate, go to the right pedestrian deck and turn left at the first corner. Turn right at the next corner and then left to enter the Integrated Innovation Building. 

For more details on how to access RIKEN Kobe campus, please see the link below.

Access to Kobe Campus

To get to Kobe campus from Wako campus, you can either go by plane (from Haneda airport to Kobe airport) or take an express train. The ticket prices are comparable for both options (about 160 US dollar), but the express train takes longer (roughly 1hr more). Please see the webpage below for example routes for getting from Wako-shi station to Iryo Center station.

Examples for transportation from Wako to Kobe


If you will take a plane, reservation is necessary. (For the express train you need no reservation). You can make a reservation at the link below.

Reservation of domestic flights

How to enter buildings in Kobe Campus

The registration desk is located at the 2nd floor of  integrated innovative building (IIB). The pedestrian deck from the gate of Iryo Center station is directly connected to the entrance of the 2nd floor (please see the above map). At the registration, we will provide a temporal ID card for Kobe Campus.