Jul 18 – 23, 2019
RIKEN, Wako Campus and Kobe Campus
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Accommodation and Financial Support

Important Notes on Financial Support (DEADLINE June 1st, only for invited speakers from outside of Japan)

During your stay in Japan, we can provide support for accommodation for at most 7 nights, from July 17th to 24th.

For the 1st week in the Wako Campus, we will reserve an on-campus housing for those who request support (for a maximum of 4 nights, from July 17th to 21st). Once you let us know your travel schedule, we will make the reservation and payment.

For the 2nd week in Kobe Campus, we do not have guest house, but we will reimburse you a fixed amount in cash (roughly 100 US dollar in Japanese Yen per night, for maximum of 4 nights from 19th to 23rd). In this case, please make the hotel reservation and payment by yourself. We do not require any receipt for this (the amount of reimbursement is fixed, even if the actual hotel costs were less).

Note that you can stay where ever you like for the nights from 19th (Fri) to 21st (Sun). Of course we do not restrict the participants to stay around Wako and Kobe during the weekend. For example,  you may want to visit Kyoto (roughly 70 minutes from Kobe by train) during the weekend and stay at a hotel in Kyoto. We will reimburse the same amount for this case as well.

Please be aware that the reimbursement must be processed beforehand during your stay at Wako Campus. We may not be able to reimburse you if you traveled to Kobe without arranging for the reimbursement beforehand.

Also note that the amount of reimbursement may change due to the limitation of our budget.


If you would like to reserve the guest house for the 1st week in Wako and/or receive the reimbursement for the 2nd week, please let us know your travel schedule by email before June 1st. We need to know the exact dates for reserving the guest house and for the preparation of reimbursement. Otherwise, we may not be able to accept your request.

 For reservations and questions please contact:

 Hirotaka Ito (hirotaka.ito@riken.jp)


Accommodation outside of Wako Campus

As for hotels around Wako Campus, there are not many options. If you prefer to stay close to Wako Campus, please consider one of the following two hotels located near Wako-shi train station.

Toyoko-inn Wako-shi Ekimae

Super Hotel Saitama, Wako-shi Ekimae

Accommodation in Kobe

The following two hotels are in walking distance from Kobe campus:

Ariston Hotel Kobe

Kobe Portopia Hotel

These hotels are close to Kobe campus, which is located on a human made island called Port Island. This island is connected by bridge (and metro) to the downtown area of Kobe. If you like to stay closer to downtown, you may want to look for hotels near Sannomiya station which is about 12 minutes by train from Iryo Center station at Kobe campus.

Many participants from abroad may be planning to stay at Kyoto area at the weekend. For those people, we strongly recommend to move from Kyoto to Kobe area after the weekend, since it will take more than an hour to reach from Kyoto to Kobe.