18-22 October 2021
Matsue, Shimane Prefecture, Japan
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Nuclear spin-isospin responses studied by nuclear reactions: A tribute to Munetake Ichimura

21 Oct 2021, 13:55
Matsue, Shimane Prefecture, Japan

Matsue, Shimane Prefecture, Japan

Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture, Japan
Plenary Presentation (by invitation only) Acceleration, Storage and Polarimetry of polarized Beams Plenary Presentations


Tomotsugu Wakasa (Kyushu University)


Progress in the nuclear spin physics studied by nuclear reactions is briefly reviewed with particular emphasis on the contributions of Munetake Ichimura and his research-group.
Much of his recent work was based on a comprehensive framework consisting of a distorted wave impulse approximation (DWIA) with response function calculated by a continuum random phase approximation(RPA).
We pay special attention to two contrasting problem.
One is the quenching of the total Gamow-Teller (GT) transition strength with respect to the model-independent GT sum rule (Ikeda's sum rule).
The other is the enhancement of the pionic modes at relative large momentum transfers as a precursor phenomenon of pion condensation.
A main aim of this review is to gain an overall understanding of the behavior of these spin-isospin modes.
Furthermore, recent developments in the isospin dependence of the spin-isospin residual interaction studied by the GT resonances for unstable nuclei as well as the tensor correlation effects observed in the spin-dipole resonances are also addressed.

Primary author

Tomotsugu Wakasa (Kyushu University)

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