18-22 October 2021
Matsue, Shimane Prefecture, Japan
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Studies of Neutral Current Neutrino-Nucleon Scattering with the MicroBooNE Detector

20 Oct 2021, 12:05
Room 501 (Kunibiki Messe)

Room 501

Kunibiki Messe

Parallel Session Presentation Nucleon Helicity Structure Nucleon Helicity Structure


Lu Ren (New Mexico State University)


The MicroBooNE experiment is an 85 ton active volume liquid-argon time projection chamber (LArTPC) located in the Booster Neutrino Beamline at Fermilab. The excellent calorimetric and spatial resolution of the LArTPC allows us to identify isolated proton tracks with lengths as short as 2 cm, which is equivalent to proton kinetic energy T = 50 MeV. We report the progress towards the first measurement of muon neutrino neutral current elastic scattering from protons in Argon in the region of four-momentum transfer squared, $0.1 < Q^2< 1$ GeV$^2$, using MicroBooNE's 6.87$\times 10^{20}$ POT data. We also present our plan to extract the strange quark contribution to the axial form factor, which is crucial for understanding the strange quark contribution to the proton spin.

Primary author

Lu Ren (New Mexico State University)

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