High Resolution Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy at the RIBF

April 10: Institut für Kernphysik April 11-12: Lichtenberghaus, Darmstadt
Pieter Doornenbal, Kathrin Wimmer (The University of Tokyo), Thorsten Kroell (TU Darmstadt), Alexandre Obertelli (TU Darmstadt), Norbert Pietralla, Volker Werner (TU Darmstadt)

We are pleased to announce a workshop on high resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy that will be held from April 10-12, 2019 at the Technische Universität (TU) Darmstadt. 

We are currently developing a germanium-based gamma-ray spectrometer composed of MINIBALL and several Ge tracking detectors from Japan, Europe, and the USA for experimental fast beam campaigns at the RIBF in 2020. The objectives for this workshop therefore include, but are not limited to: 

i) Discussion of physics case, 
ii) Planning, schedule, and organizational matters towards the campaign in 2020,
iii) Plans beyond 2020.

It is foreseen that individual proposals arise from the physics discussion to be submitted to the next RIBF NP-PAC, held in November/December 2019. A second workshop will be held in Asia later this year. In order to avoid overlaps and ensure feasibility, we expect that all proposals are discussed at either one of the workshops. Furthermore, we will request Letters of Intent from all proponents following the first workshop. The Letter of Intent should summarize the physics case, and include realistic estimates of count rates (LISE++ and GEANT simulations), and specify the configuration of the array. The LOI should not exceed 2 pages. More details on the expected performance and possible configurations will be provided at the workshop.

Registration Form
  • Alexandre Obertelli
  • Andrea Gottardo
  • Andrea Jungclaus
  • Asahi Kohda
  • Byul Moon
  • daisuke suzuki
  • Eiji Ideguchi
  • Frank Browne
  • Freddy Flavigny
  • Gyanendra Yadav
  • Heather Crawford
  • Hongna Liu
  • Jeongsu Ha
  • Jesus Pereira Lopez
  • Jonas Refsgaard
  • Joochun Park
  • Joonas Konki
  • Jose Javier Valiente Dobon
  • Juan Saiz
  • Kathrin Wimmer
  • Liam Gaffney
  • Marcus Scheck
  • Marina Petri
  • Martha Liliana Cortes
  • Michiharu Wada
  • Nobu Imai
  • Norbert Pietralla
  • Nori Aoi
  • Paul Fallon
  • Pavlos Koseoglou
  • Pieter Doornenbal
  • Radomira Lozeva
  • serge franchoo
  • Takuma Koiwai
  • Thorsten Kröll
  • Yasutaka Yamamoto
  • Zsolt Podolyak
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