4-5 February 2011
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Gamma-ray spectroscopy of hypernuclei with Hyperball-J at J-PARC

5 Feb 2011, 13:15
Nishina Hall (RIKEN)

Nishina Hall



Dr takeshi koike (Tohoku University)


A new Ge detector array dedicated to gamma-ray spectroscopy of hypernuclei with a strangeness degree of freedom has nearly been constructed. This array, aka Hyperball-J, will be installed as soon as this fall at the K1.8 beam line of J-PARC for the gamma-ray spectroscopy of light lambda hypernuclei such as 4He-lambda and 19F-lambda in its inaugural run. Hyperball-J has some features that are unconventional in Ge arrays for gamma-ray spectroscopy of non-strange nuclei. In this presentation, physics that can be accessed via the hypernuclar spectroscopy will be discussed together with description of Hyperball-J. Also a possible use of high resolution and high efficiency scintillators for detecting lambda inter-shell transitions of lambda hypernuclei in the sd-shell will be mentioned.

Primary author

Dr takeshi koike (Tohoku University)


Akio Sasaki (Tohoku University) Fumiki Hiruma (Tohoku University) Hirokazu Tamura (Tohoku University) Kazuya Yagi (Tohoku University) Kenji Hosomi (Tohoku University) Kenko Sugihara (Tohoku University) Koji Miwa (Tohoku University) Kotarou Shirotori (Tohoku University) Mifuyu Ukai (Tohoku University) Nobuyuki Chiga (Tohoku University) Ryotarou Honda (Tohoku University) Takeshi Yamamoto (Tohoku University) Teofang Wang (Tohoku University) Yoshio Yonemoto (Tohoku University) Yuuki Matsumoto (Tohoku University)

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