4-5 February 2011
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Second Announcement

Dear all,

registration is now open for the

                          SHOGUN workshop

on a next generation gamma-ray spectrometer for in-beam experiments
with fast beams at the RIBF.  The workshop will be held at the RIKEN
Nishina Center, Japan on February 4-5, 2011.  If you are planning to
attend please follow the registration instructions below.

NB: Further information will NOT be broadly distributed,
    but will be sent only to people who have registered.

Two main subjects will be covered in this workshop.  One is the SHOGUN
array itself (mainly on Saturday): beam conditions at the RIBF,
physics opportunities and their requirements on the array
(aux. detectors, coupling to other large devices, like SAMURAI,
SHARAQ), electronics, simulation, etc.

The other subject is LaBr3:Ce and (modern) scintillation detectors in
general (mainly Friday), including their use in nuclear physics and
also in other fields.

Hoping to see you soon at RIKEN.


Registration and abstract submission

Please register by following the three steps below:

1) create an account on the RIKEN INDICO system:
   (skip this, if you already have an account)


2) sign-in into the INDICO system:


3) register for the workshop by following the 'Registration' link:


For the submission of an abstract or summary for a presentation click
on 'Submit a new Abstract' after you have registered.

Only in case you encounter a problem with the RIKEN INDICO system,
please reply to this email and fill out the form below:

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  Family Name:
  Presentation Title:
  Presentation Summary:


The 'Toyoko Inn' hotel is located close to the Wako-shi train station
and you can make a reservation yourself on the web page (in English):


The other option is the 'Super Hotel', which is new and also very
close to the station:


Their web page is in English, but the reservation page seems to be in
Japanese only.

If you don't speak Japanese, please try the first hotel (Toyoko Inn)
and if it is already booked, please ask for help by replying to this email or sending an email to


and our secretary will help you with the reservation.

Travel arrangement

If you need help with your travel arrangement, such as obtaining a
visa for Japan please send email to


an we will try to help you.

Financial support for US colleagues

Travel expenses for US colleagues can be covered under the JUSEIPEN
program.  If you wish to apply for support, please do so immediately
by contacting Paul Fallon (pfallon@lbl.gov).

Join the RIBF user group

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