4-5 February 2011
Asia/Tokyo timezone

First Announcement

Dear Colleagues,

we would like to announce a workshop on a next generation gamma-ray
spectrometer optimized for in-beam experiments with fast beams at the
RIBF.  The workshop will be held at the RIKEN Nishina Center, Japan
on February 4-5, 2011.

The envisaged array is a Scintillator-based High-resOlution Gamma-ray
spectrometer for Unstable Nuclei (SHOGUN) based on the novel
scintillator LaBr3:Ce.  The array would feature a high full-energy
peak efficiency (> 30% at 1 MeV), a good time resolution (sub-ns) and
an in-beam energy resolution that is well matched to the intrinsic
energy resolution of LaBr3:Ce (~3% FWHM at 1 MeV).  More detailed
performance characteristics can be found in the SHOGUN construction
proposal which was accepted by the RIBF NP-PAC last year:


Subjects to be discussed during the workshop include:

 * the latest developments in gamma-ray detection technology
   (including alternatives to LaBr3:Ce for the SHOGUN array),

 * the physics cases with their particular requirements, including
   applications of the array outside RIKEN,

 * ancillary detectors,

 * structure of a formal SHOGUN collaboration to be formed

Details on the workshop including registration information will be
announced shortly.  We are looking forward to your participation in
this workshop.

With best regards,
H. Scheit