4-5 February 2011
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Final Announcement

Dear all,

the program of the SHOGUN workshop has largely been finalized and can
be viewed at the conference web-page:


A pdf-version of the program as well as a contribution list can be
found attached to this email.

Concerning your travel, please check the links 'Access to RIKEN' and 'Accommodation'.

Once you reach RIKEN, you have to get a badge at the west guard
station at the west gate of RIKEN.  There will be a sign 'SHOGUN
workshop' and the guard will know where you want to go.  After you
have your badge you should go to the

  Nishina Building,

which is building 13 on the map that can be found by following the
'Access to RIKEN' link.

For those of you who give a presentation: when preparing your
talk, please keep in mind that people of different research fields
attend this workshop.  So, please include a rather general

Presenters should allow for ample discussion time, of say, about 25%
of the scheduled time.  Most likely, we will also have time for
smaller contributions (1-2 slides), which are not on the schedule.

Note that I selected some of you as session conveners.  Please let me
know if the scheduled time is not convenient for you or you prefer not
to be a session chair.

I am looking forward to seeing you all at RIKEN next week!