4-5 February 2011
Asia/Tokyo timezone

CALIFA a calorimeter for the R3B/FAIR experiment

5 Feb 2011, 09:00
Nishina Hall (RIKEN)

Nishina Hall



Dolores Cortina (Universidad de Santiagio de Compostela)


CALIFA (CALorimeter of In Flight emitted pArticles) is a gamma and light
charged particle detector, based on scintillation crystals, that will
surround the target of the R3B experiment at FAIR. CALIFA has to act as
total absorption gamma calorimeter and spectrometer, as well as
identifier of charged particles emitted from reaction residues when
operating in coincidence with the R3B tracking target recoil detector.
This versatility is its most challenging requirement, demanding a huge
dynamic range. Moreover, its granularity should be adapted to the
relativistic energies that will be used in the experiment. The
conceptual design and technical solutions proposed for the construction
of CALIFA will be presented here.

Primary author

Dolores Cortina (Universidad de Santiagio de Compostela)

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