24-29 May 2020
RIKEN Wako campus
Asia/Tokyo timezone

2nd Announcement




Dear Colleagues,

This is the second announcement of the 8th High Power Targetry Workshop, which will be hosted by RIKEN and J-PARC and will take place at RIKEN Nishina Center for Accelerator-based Science, Wako, Saitama, Japan, from May 25th to May 29th, 2020.
The HPT Workshop brings together scientists and engineers from the international community for particle accelerator targetry. Applications include neutrino facilities, neutron facilities, radioactive ion beam facilities, material irradiation facilities, accelerator driven systems, and precision experiments for rare processes.

Important dates: (Makimura, Okuno)

  • 2020/01/20 - 03/17 Abstract submission
  • 2020/03/17             Oral or poster acceptance
  • 2020/02/17 - 04/15 Early registration
  • 2020/04/16 -           Late registration
  • 2020/04/20             3rd Circular
  • 2020/04/25             Program announcement
  • 2020/05/25 - 05/29 Workshop

Conference Web page: (Okuno)

Please visit the conference web page for detailed information:

https://indico2.riken.jp/event/3102/ .


Conference Venue: (Okuno)

The conference will take place at the conference room on the second floor of the RIBF building. The registration desk is located at the foyer of the main conference room. When you arrive at the RIKEN campus, please make a brief stop at the west gate of the campus to get your temporarily ID card. The guard will check to see if you are listed in the participant list. Then please come to the RIBF bldg. (E01 in the MAP ( https://www.riken.jp/en/access/wako-map/#campus_map )) located at the east end of the campus. Enter the main entrance of the east side of the building and go up to the 2nd floor. The registration desk will be open from 8:30 AM. Please note that the main entrance of the RIBF bldg. is usually locked and can be unlocked by your temporarily ID card.


Scientific Program: (Naoe)

Overview talks and contributions will cover current research and challenges both from the target maker’s perspective as well as from the experimenter’s point of view. Participants are invited to submit their contributions covering one of the following topics or related subjects. Themes for the workshop include:

  1. R&D to support concepts (Conveners: B. Riemer (ORNL), F. Sordo (ESS Bilbao))
    R&D: target physics, testing and material
  2. Radiation damage in target material and related simulations (Conveners: C. Stodel (GANIL), TBD)
    Radiation damage simulation and databases
  3. Post-irradiation examination (Conveners: Y. Lee(ESS), T. Ishida (KEK))
    PIE results, feedback to R&D and design, experimental technologies
  4. Target design, analysis, and validation of concepts (Conveners: C. Densham(STFC/RAL), F. Pellemoine (MSU/FRIB))
    Target design and optimization by numerical simulations
  5. Target facility challenges (Conveners: P. Hurh, TBD)
    Facility radioprotection, remote handling, lifecycle challenges
  6. Construction, fabrication, inspection, quality assurance (Conveners: T. Naoe (JAEA/J-PARC), A. Perillo-Marcone (CERN)
    Integration, feedback/experience
  7. Operation of targets and beam dumps (Conveners: M. Calviani (CERN), K. Yonehara (FNAL))
    Operational experience, instrumentation and monitoring, maintenance
  8. Multipurpose use of targets and beam dumps (Conveners: T. Stora, H. Okuno)
    Beam dump facilities for irradiation and particle generation

Time will be available for open discussion and we would welcome suggestions of suitable topics. For those who are interested in establishing inter-laboratory collaborations, we may provide support to organize satellite meetings.  

Time table: (Miyake)

Instructions to Speakers: (Okuno)

• Abstracts

Abstracts can be submitted to the Scientific Program Committee (SPC) through the following URL:


Abstracts should have appropriate length (less than 500 words), including title, author(s), affiliation(s), reference(s). They will be edited and reformatted by the LOC to make an abstract booklet. The abstracts should be submitted before March 17, 2020.


• Presentations

The details on presentations will be appear in the 3rd announcement.


Registration: (Hasebe(Fee), Makimura(registration))

Registration Fee for participants: ¥35,000 (early registration), ¥40,000 (late registration) and ¥20,000 (student)

It Includes:

  • Lunch (5/25-5/29)
  • Welcome reception
  • Banquet with excursion
  • Coffee break

Registration Fee for accompanying person: ¥10,000 

It Includes:

  • Welcome reception
  • Banquet with excursion

The online registration will open on Feb. 17th 2020. Secured online payment with credit cards (Visa or Master Card) will be available. The registration desk on site will be open from 8:30 AM. Regardless of participation or non-participation of each item, the registration fee is a flat fee.


Transportation: (Okuno)

Information on how to reach RIKEN Wako-campus is available in the following web site.



Hotel Information: (Yoshida)

There are only two hotels near Wako-station as listed below:


For Toyoko Inn Wako-shi Ekimae, non-members can make a reservation three months in advance.
But the LOC booked 30 single rooms of Toyoko Inn in advance. If you like to book it, please send us (hptw2020-loc@ml.j-parc.jp ) messages. Vacancy information on the rooms of the two hotels will be shown in the HPTW2020 web site.


The number of rooms is limited it is encouraged to have reservation as soon as possible. From Wako-shi station It takes 15 minutes to get to RIKEN Nishina Center by walk. You can find many hotels at Ikebukuro area. From Ikebukuro station to Wako-shi station it takes 12 minutes by Tobu-Tojo line or Metro Fukutoshin line. If you have any problems in finding your hotels please contact with the LOC.


VISA: (Imao, Sakuma)

You might require a “Temporary Visitor VISA”. Please visit the following website to see if you are a candidate: Exemption of visa (short-term stay) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan ( http://www.mofa.go.jp/j_info/visit/visa/short/novisa.html ).

To obtain official documents for visa application issued by the Local Organizing Committee of the HPTW meeting to be held in Japan:

Please send us (hptw2020-loc@ml.j-parc.jp  ) the complete VISA information form as instructed below no later than Feb. 14, 2018.


#Application check sheet (please fill out completely)

Download application check sheet. PDF|WORD

You can see the sample from here.

#CVWorking history needed, without publication list

#A copy of your passport

#The name and location of the Japanese embassy or consulate where you will submit the visa application.


It will take about a month for the HPTW2020 meeting secretariat to process official documents for VISA application after receiving your VISA information form. All the documents will be issued by RIKEN (http://www.riken.jp/en/ ). You must reserve airline tickets and book a hotel to in advance to obtain official VISA documents.

It is your responsibility to make appropriate action to obtain the VISA on time.


Social program: (Miyake)

Welcome reception

Welcome reception will be held on Monday evening at cafeteria of the RIKEN Wako campus. The reception will include light snacks and drinks.


Lunch boxes will be prepared for the participant every day.

Banquet with excursion

We are planning a short excursion to Kawagoe city, Saitama prefecture. Kawagoe is a town of history retaining the culture and old town atmosphere of Edo. Banquet will be held at the traditional Japanese restaurant, “Ryotei Yamaya” ( https://ryoutei-yamaya.com/en/#id1 ). A selection of authentic Japanese cuisine will be provided. Don’t worry about “seiza (sitting straight)” in this restaurant because tables and chairs will be prepared to enjoy the dinners.

Labo tour

We invite you to Lab tour at RIKEN Wako campus. You will have the chance to visit our experiment facility and research environment etc.


Contact Information:

Dr. Hiroki Okuno(Chair)

RIKEN Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science (RNC),

2-1 Hirosawa,Wako,Saitama,351-0198,JAPAN


Scientific Program Committee:


Local Organizing Committee:

C.Boehlert (MSU/CHEM)

H. Okuno (RIKEN)




M. Calviani (CERN)

F. Pellemoine (MSU/FRIB)


H. Okuno (Chair)

S. Makimura (Co-chair)

Y. Dai (PSI)

B. Riemer (ORNL)


H. Hasebe

M. Futakawa

C. Densham (STFC/RAL)

N. Simos (BNL)


H. Imao

K. Haga

P. Hurh (FNAL)

C. Stodel (GANIL)


Y. Miyake

T. Ishida

Y. Lee (ESS)

T. Stora (CERN)


K. Sakuma

N. Kawamura

N. Mokhov (FNAL)

H. Weick (GSI)


K. Yoshida

H. Takahashi


M. Wohlmuther (PSI)



T. Naoe