8th High Power Targetry Workshop (HPTW2020)

RIBF building 2F conference room (RIKEN Wako campus)

RIBF building 2F conference room

RIKEN Wako campus

2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama, Japan
Hiroki Okuno (RIKEN Nishina center for accelerator-based science)




Dear Colleagues,

This is the first announcement of the 8th High Power Targetry Workshop, which will be hosted by RIKEN and J-PARC and will take place at RIKEN Nishina Center for Accelerator-based Science, Wako, Saitama, Japan, from May 25th to May 29th, 2020.

The HPT Workshop brings together scientists and engineers from the international community for particle accelerator targetry.

Applications include neutrino facilities, neutron facilities, radioactive ion beam facilities, material irradiation facilities, accelerator driven systems, and precision experiments for rare processes.

Themes for the workshop include:

1. R&D to support concepts

R&D: target physics, testing and material

2. Radiation damage in target material and related simulations

Radiation damage simulation and databases

3. Post-irradiation examination

PIE results, feedback to R&D and design, experimental technologies

4. Target design, analysis, and validation of concepts

Target design and optimization by numerical simulations

5. Target facility challenges

Facility radioprotection, remote handling, lifecycle challenges

6. Construction, fabrication, inspection, quality assurance

Integration, feedback/experience

7. Operation of targets and beam dumps

Operational experience, instrumentation and monitoring, maintenance

8. Multipurpose use of targets and beam dumps

Beam dump facilities for irradiation and particle generation

Time will be available for open discussion and we would welcome suggestions of suitable topics.

For those who are interested in establishing inter-laboratory collaborations, we may provide support to organize satellite meetings.

Those who need visa to arrive to Japan please contact us as soon as possible at hptw2020-loc@ml.j-parc.jp.

The workshop website is now available at: https://indico2.riken.jp/event/3102/ .


We look forward to welcome you at Wako-city!

Scientific Program Committee:


Local Organizing Committee:

C.Boehlert (MSU/CHEM)

H. Okuno (RIKEN)




M. Calviani (CERN)

F. Pellemoine (MSU/FRIB)


H. Okuno (Chair)

S. Makimura (Co-chair)

Y. Dai (PSI)

B. Riemer (ORNL)


H. Hasebe

M. Futakawa

C. Densham (STFC/RAL)

N. Simos (BNL)


H. Imao

K. Haga

P. Hurh (FNAL)

C. Stodel (GANIL)


Y. Miyake

T. Ishida

Y. Lee (ESS)

T. Stora (CERN)


K. Sakuma

N. Kawamura

N. Mokhov (FNAL)

H. Weick (GSI)


K. Yoshida

H. Takahashi


M. Wohlmuther (PSI)



T. Naoe

The agenda of this meeting is empty