8th High Power Targetry Workshop (HPTW2022)

RIBF building 2F conference room (RIKEN Wako campus)

RIBF building 2F conference room

RIKEN Wako campus

2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama, Japan
Hiroki Okuno (RIKEN Nishina center for accelerator-based science)

Dear All

We are very sorry that we have to announce another postponement notice. We expect the postponement approximately for one year.

When the 2nd announcement was distributed, we were going to determine the details of the workshop this March.

Here were what we found out two months prior to the actual meeting.

Japanese government had started measuring to resume cross-border travel from the beginning of the March. Unfortunately, however, the RIKEN administration told us that they cannot support to issue the short-term visas for invitations to the HPTW2022 in May because of the following reasons.

1: VISA is required now even if you are coming from a country that was exempt from VISA before COVID-19.

2: In April, RIKEN will start to allow long-term residents or employees for RIKEN to enter Japan.

If we were to implement HPTW as planned, participation from abroad will be limited to online. This type of workshop is technically possible, however, given the experience of these last two years coupled with the nature of our community as well as with the history of HPTW as a discussion technical forum and know-how exchange platform (rather than a conference), we believe that a fully online even would hinder the exchanges and the benefit of collaboration and discussions, so much needed in these difficult times.


We apologize to those who have sent us abstracts and have registered through the indico page.

Best regards,

Hiroki OKUNO and Shunsuke Makimura on behalf of the LOC of HPTW2022

  • Akito UCHIYAMA
  • Alexander Gottberg
  • Biao Cai
  • Christos Karagiannis
  • Daniela Kiselev
  • David Jenkins
  • Donald Houngbo
  • Drew Winder
  • Eckehard Onkels
  • Eiichi Wakai
  • Faraz Amjad
  • Fumimasa MUTO
  • Ian Swainson
  • ilan Eliyahu
  • James McCarter
  • Kevin Lynch
  • Klaus Knie
  • Leslie Jones
  • Lukas Zavorka
  • Maria Rodionova
  • Marilena Tomut
  • Mark Shaw
  • Matteo Magistris
  • Matthias Lüthi
  • matthieu michel
  • Ot Dams
  • Peter Katrik
  • Philipp Drechsel
  • Robert Zwaska
  • Ryan Schultz
  • Sergey Vaintraub
  • Shin-ichiro Meigo
  • Stephen Gallimore
  • Sven Jollet
  • Takashi Naoe
  • Taku Ishida
  • Toshikazu Kurihara
  • Tucker McClanahan
  • Vicente Araullo-Peters
  • Yoshinori Enomoto
  • Yun He
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