4-5 February 2011
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Recent advancements in inorganic scintillator detectors

4 Feb 2011, 13:30
Nishina Hall (RIKEN)

Nishina Hall



Dr gregory bizarri (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)


The presentation will report on the last advancements in inorganic scintillator detectors. After discussing the basic concepts of scintillation in inorganic materials and their relations to scintillation performance, an overview of the current leading scintillators will be presented. Special emphasis will be given to scintillators that match the requirements for the next generation gamma-ray spectrometer for fast beams at the RIBF such as LaBr3:Ce3+ or the newly discovered halide scintillators such as CsBa2I5:Eu2+, BaBrI:Eu2+ and SrI2:Eu2+.

Primary author

Dr gregory bizarri (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

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