2nd circular

Announcement of Japan-China X-ray collaboration Workshop (2nd circular)
This is the 2nd circular of the following workshop in Japan.
Title: Japan-China X-ray collaboration Workshop,
     “New eyes on X-ray astrophysical objects with Japanese and
Chinese observatories”
Date: 19 ~ 21, November 2018

The conference page is now available from the following URL.

In addition to the invited talks listed in the 1st circular,
we accept contribution oral and poster presentations.

The registration page will open from 6 September 2018.
The due dates for submission or attendance are followings;
 oral presentation:     23:00 JST = 22:00 CST  8 Oct 2018
 poster presentation: 23:00 JST = 22:00 CST 31 Oct 2018
 participation:            23:00 JST = 22:00 CST 31 Oct 2018
Note that some papers registered as oral will be changed to the
poster presentation.

If you have questions or comments, please let us know via e-mail,


          the SOC of Japan-China X-ray astronomical Workshop
                              5 Sep 2018