New eyes on X-ray astrophysical objects with Japanese and Chinese observatories

from Monday, 19 November 2018 (09:00) to Wednesday, 21 November 2018 (18:00)
JAXA ISAS (Sagamihara campus room 1236)

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19 Nov 2018
20 Nov 2018
21 Nov 2018
09:30 --- Registration ---
10:00 Opening remark - Dr Yukikatsu Terada (Saitama Univ.)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
Mission status of current missions - Yukikatsu Terada (Saitama Univ.) (until 11:50) (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
10:10 Insight-HXMT mission and status - Dr Shumei Jia (Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
10:35 Insight-HXMT calibrations - Dr Xiaobo Li (Research Center of Laser Fusion, CAEP)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
11:00 MAXI mission status & calibration - Dr Tatehiro Mihara (RIKEN MAXI team)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
11:25 Hitomi instruments overview and calibration status - Dr Masahiro Tsujimoto (JAXA ISAS)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
11:50 --- Lunch ---
Scientific results on HXMT, MAXI, and Hitomi + HXMT&MAXI coordinated -Dr Aya Bamba (U. of Tokyo) (until 10:45) (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
09:30 Accreting pulsars studies with Insight-HXMT - Dr Andrea Santangelo (Tubingen)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
09:55 The isolated NS observed by Insight-HXMT - Dr Fangjun Lu (IHEP) Dr Mingyu Ge   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
10:10 The Insight-HXMT observation of the newly discovered transient X-ray pulsar Swift J0243.6+6124 - Dr Youli Tuo   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
10:25 The type-I burst and probe to XRB outburst evolution - Dr YuPeng Chen (IHEP)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
10:45 --- Group Photo ---
Scientific results on HXMT, MAXI, and Hitomi + HXMT&MAXI coordinated -Prof. Shu Zhang (until 12:30) (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
11:00 Suzaku HXD calibration & background estimation - Dr Yasushi Fukazawa (Hiroshima U.)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
11:25 Suzaku/Hitomi Geant4 activities, background understandings - Dr Hirokazu Odaka (U. of Tokyo)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
11:50 The background model of Insight-HXMT - Dr Jinyuan Liao (IHEP)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
12:05 MAXI GSC calibration - Dr Mutsumi Sugizaki (TITech)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
Calibration and software/archive/user support -Prof. Lian Tao (IHEP) (until 10:35) (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
09:30 Suzaku HXD-WAM calibration & performance monitor - Dr Kazutaka Yamaoka (Nagoya U.)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
09:55 Suzaku/Hitomi Science Operations - Yukikatsu Terada (Saitama Univ.)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
10:20 DARTS: Space Science Data Archive at ISAS/JAXA - Prof. Ken Ebisawa (ISAS/JAXA)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
10:35 --- Break and Poster Session ---
Calibration and software/archive/user support -Dr Hirokazu Odaka (U. of Tokyo) (until 12:00) (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
11:05 Galactic Plane Scanning Survey by Insight-HXMT - Dr Chengkui Li   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
11:20 The latest news on POLAR - Dr Zhengheng Li (IHEP)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
11:45 Future all-sky gamma-ray observations for localizing gravitational wave sources with a fleet of cube-satellite - Dr Masanori Ohno   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
Mission status of current missions -Dr Fangjun Lu (IHEP) (until 14:20) (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
13:15 Suzaku instruments and mission status - Prof. Manabu Ishida (ISAS/JAXA)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
13:40 CALET CGBM mission status and calibration status - Dr Takanori Sakamoto (Aoyamagakuin U.)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
14:05 Test of Pulsar Navigation with Insight-HXMT - Dr Shijie Zheng (IHEP)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
14:20 --- Break & poster session ---
Scientific results on HXMT, MAXI, and Hitomi + HXMT&MAXI coordinated -Dr ShuangNan Zhang (IHEP) (until 16:15) (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
14:50 Hitomi scientific results overview - Prof. Kyoko Matsushita (TUS)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
15:15 The BH XRB researches highlighted with Insight-HXMT - Mr Huang Yue (IHEP)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
15:30 MAXI observation of MAXI J1535-571 and MAXI J1820+070 - Dr Megumi Shidatsu (RIKEN)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
15:45 Spectral evolution and super Eddington accretion of the new Black hole candidate MAXI J1535-571 during its 2017 outburst - Dr Lian Tao   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
16:00 Optical/Near Infrared observations of black hole binary MAXI J1535-571 - Prof. Nobuyuki Kawai (TITECH)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
16:15 --- Break ---
Scientific results on HXMT, MAXI, and Hitomi + HXMT&MAXI coordinated - Masahiro Tsujimoto (JAXA ISAS) (until 17:15) (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
16:30 MAXI observation of Galactic and extra galactic Cosmic X-ray Background - Dr Satoshi Nakahira (RIKEN)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
16:45 State transitions of GRS 1739-278 in 2014 outburst - Ms Sili Wang   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
17:00 Insight-HXMT view of the temporal properties of LMXBs - Dr Qingcui Bu (IHEP)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
Poster Short Presentations (until 18:00) (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
17:15 P01 Elemental Abundances of Huge Solar Flares Measured with Suzaku's XIS - Dr Satoru Katsuda   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
17:16 P02 Time-resolved hard X-ray spectra of the solar flares with the Suzaku HXD-WAM - Mr Sota Murakami (Saitama University)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
17:17 P03 Systematic studies of spectral break-up of solar flares in the hard X-ray band with the Suzaku HXD-WAM - Mr Kaito Takahashi   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
17:18 P04 Type-I burst as a probe to XRB accretion - Dr Shu Zhang (IHEP)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
17:19 P05 MAXI results of the Galactic ultra-luminous X-ray pulsar Swift J0243.6+6124 - Mr Motoki Oeda (Tokyo Institute of Technology)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
17:20 P06 X-ray analysis of the magnetar SGR 1900+14 with NuSTAR and XMM-Newton - Mr Tsubasa Tamba (The University of Tokyo)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
17:21 P07 Variability study GRS ‪1915‬+105 with the 9-year monitoring of MAXI/GSC and Swift/BAT - Mr Kazuki Shiraishi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
17:22 P08 An application of the Ghosh & Lamb model to the accretion-powered X-ray pulsar X Persei - Mr Fumiaki Yatabe (RIKEN / Rikkyo University)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
17:23 P09 Detail studies of the accretion disk of the black-hole binary LMC X-3 with Suzaku - Mr Yuki Iwao (Hiroshima University)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
17:24 P10 Suzaku Study on the Galactic Diffuse X-ray Emission - Dr Masayoshi Nobukawa (Nara University of Education)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
17:25 P11 X-ray study of new particle acceleration candidate, the bow-shock region in G70.7+1.2 - Mr Yuuki Imai (Saitama University)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
17:26 P12 Discovery of Recombining Plasma from A Magnetic Cataclysmic Valiable, EX Hya with Suzaku - Mr Takashi Sako (Nara University of education)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
17:27 P13 Study of the Optical/UV and X-ray variability of NGC 1275 with Swift - Mr Fumiya Imazato (Hiroshima University)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
17:28 P14 Estimation of the physical condition of the torus in active galactic nuclei by a modeling of the Compton shoulder in the reflected X-ray spectrum - Mr Masaya Hikitani (Hiroshima University)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
17:29 P15 Markov chain Monte-Carlo modeling of FSRQ SED - Mr Naoyoshi Hirade (Hiroshima University)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
17:30 P16 XMM Newton Observations of Cool-Core Cluster A1437 - Dr Helen Poon (Hiroshima University)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
17:31 P17 Analysis of 2d temperature and density structure of the merging cluster MCXC J0157.4-0550 using XMM-Newton data - Mr Chong Yang (Hiroshima University)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
17:32 P18 Search for the possible thermal emission from GRB100725B with Swift and Suzaku - Mr Daisuke Katsukura (Saitama university)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
17:33 P19 Study of the interstellar gas distribution of the Milky Way using Gamma-Ray Burst afterglow - Mr Takahiro Koyama (Hiroshima University)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
17:34 P20 The FORCE mission : broadband X-ray imaging spectroscopy with good angular resolution - Prof. Kazuhiro Nakazawa (Nagoya University)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
17:35 P21 Performance study of a large CsI(Tl) scintillator with an MPPC readout for nanosatellites used to localize gamma-ray bursts - Mr Kento Torigoe (Hiroshima University)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
17:36 P22 Development of a Compact X-ray Imaging system with Coded Aperture - Mr Tomoaki Kasuga (The University of Tokyo)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
17:37 P23 In-orbit Neutron Background of the Hard X-ray Imager onboard Hitomi - Mr Hiromasa Suzuki (The University of Tokyo)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
17:38 P24 Estimation of minimum detectable polarization for X-Calibur balloon-borne experiment. - Mr Nagomi Uchida (Hiroshima University)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
17:39 P25 Subarcsecond Imaging with Multi Image X-ray Interferometer Module - Prof. Kiyoshi Hayashida (Osaka University)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
12:30 --- Lunch ---
Analyses school of HXMT and Suzaku/Hitomi -Dr Yasushi Fukazawa (Hiroshima U.) (until 15:15) (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
14:00 Suzaku/Hitomi Analyses school - Yukikatsu Terada (Saitama Univ.)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
15:00 --- Group Photo ---
Parallel poster session (until 16:30) (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
15:15 --- Break and Poster Session ---
Analyses school of HXMT and Suzaku/Hitomi -Dr Yasushi Fukazawa (Hiroshima U.) (until 16:30) (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
15:30 The Insight-HXMT software and data analysis - Dr Haisheng Zhao (IHEP)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
Tour & Social event (until 16:45) (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
16:30 ISAS X-ray astronomy facility - Dr Yoshitomo Maeda   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
16:45 --- Break ---
Tour & Social event (until 18:00) (Visitor center)
17:00 ISAS visitor center tour - Masahiro Tsujimoto (JAXA ISAS)   (Visitor center)
Tour & Social event (until 20:00) (Cafeteria)
18:00 Banquet   (Cafeteria)
12:00 --- Lunch ---
Overview of future approved missions & Roadmap of Japan/China observatories -Dr Shaolin Xiong (IHEP) (until 14:55) (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
13:30 Roadmap in Japan, inc. FORCE, sDIOS, highZ_GUNDUM, Athena, IXPE etc - Prof. Noriko Yamasaki (ISAS/JAXA)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
13:55 XRISM mission overview - Prof. Makoto Tashiro (Saitama U.)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
14:20 Japanese contribution to the IXPE mission - Dr Toru Tamagawa (RIKEN)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
14:55 --- Break and Poster Session ---
Overview of future approved missions & Roadmap of Japan/China observatories - Tatehiro Mihara (RIKEN MAXI team) (until 16:40) (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
15:25 Roadmap in China inc. HUBS/POLAR2 etc - Dr ShuangNan Zhang (IHEP)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
15:50 The eXTP mission - Dr Yupeng Xu   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
16:15 The GECAM mission developed in China - Dr Shaolin Xiong (IHEP)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)
16:40 Discussion & Conclusing Remark - Yukikatsu Terada (Saitama Univ.)   (Sagamihara campus room 1236)