6th Korea-Japan PHENIX/sPHENIX/RHICf/EIC Collaboration Meeting


This is the 6th PHENIX/sPHENIX/RHICf/EIC collaboration workshop between Korean and Japanese institutes.  The first one was held in Ewha Woman's University in Seoul, South Korea (2012), the 2nd one in SungKyunKwan University in Suwon, South Korea (2013), the 3rd one in RIKEN in Japan, the 4th one in Hanyang University in Seoul, South Korea (2015) and the 5th one was held in Sejong University  in Seoul, South Korea (2019). This meeting will be held online due to COVID-19. Past workshops provided a good synergy effect in our contribution. Since PHENIX was decommissioned in 2016, the scope of this collaboration workshop is expanded to sPHENIX, RHICf and EIC project. Taking geographical advantage, it is logical to collaborate within Eastern Asian countries to maximize the outcome within limited resources. This meeting should be an opportunity to discuss how to proceed and optimize the collaboration. The program of the meeting categorized into 4 major topics 1) RHICf, 2) EIC calorimeter and ZDC, 3) PHENIX/sPHENIX spin and cold-QCD program , and 4) sPHENIX-INTT and EIC silicon detector.