The 11th Circum-Pan-Pacific Symposium on High Energy Spin Physics

ANA Holiday Inn Resort Miyazaki

ANA Holiday Inn Resort Miyazaki


General Announcement

The 11th Circum-Pan-Pacific Symposium on High Energy Spin Physics, PacificSpin2019, will take place during August 27-30, 2019. The Symposium venue is Miyazaki in Kyushu island in Japan. The symposium starts in the morning of August 27 and ends around 13:00 on August 30.


  1. 2019/8/12 3rd Circular
  2. 2019/7/17 ANA Holiday inn Resort Miyazaki has started accepting reservations by sending excel file in English.
  3. 2019/06/11 2nd Circular released.
  4. 2019/06/04 Indico for the symposium is open
    1. Call for Abstracts for Contributed Talks was closed on June 27, 2019
    2. Registration was closed on August 1st, 2019
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Important Dates

This Symposium aims to enhance communications among physicists from the Circum-Pan-Pacific region and other regions. Participation of young physicists in this Symposium is strongly encouraged. Symposia in this series took place in Taipei(2015), Ji'nan(2013), Cairns(2011), Yamagata (2009), Vancouver (2007), Tokyo(2005), Washington(2003), Beijing(2001), Wako(1999), and Kobe (1996)

Invited Speakers 

Topics of the symposium

The topics of the symposium include:

  • Transverse and longitudinal spin structure of the nucleon
  • Polarized parton distribution functions and fragmentation functions
  • Transverse momentum dependent distributions
  • Generalized parton distributions and form factors
  • Recent progress in spin experiments in deep inelastic scattering, p-p collisions, Drell-Yan process etc.
  • Spin in hard QCD processes
  • Spin structure of the nucleon in Lattice QCD and effective QCD models
  • New ideas, methods and future facilities

Spin is a basic property of elementary particles. Discoveries concerning Spin often trigger physicists to open a new chapter of physics. The spin structure of the nucleon has extensively been studied, in particular in the last 30 years since EMC’s result was released. The transverse structure and 3-dimensional picture of the nucleon spin are now being investigated. These provide important tests of QCD and help our understanding of QCD. Those subjects will be discussed in details.

Pacific Spin 2019 will consist of invited talks and talks selected from contributed papers. All talks will be presented in plenary sessions. There will be a 30-min discussion session each day. The deadline for abstract submission for contributed talks is June 27, 2019. Please note that those who have submitted abstracts and have been selected to oral presentations can do registration with a reduced registration fee until July 31, 2019.

The registration fee can only be paid in cash in Yen, upon arrival at the registration desk on August 27, 2019, as described in the 2nd Circular.


The symposium takes place in the conference room of the hotel ‘ANA Holiday Inn Resort Miyazaki’. Miyazaki is located in the southern island of Japan, Kyusyu. The hotel is on a nice beach facing the Pacific Ocean. Participants can enjoy summer activities at the sea around noon beteween the morning and afternoon sessions of the symposium. The hotel is at 15 minute car ride from Miyazaki airport. There are also many historical spots to see in Miyazaki.


  • Akio Ogawa
  • Andrea Bressan
  • Daisuke Miura
  • Eric Addai
  • Genki NUKAZUKA
  • Gerhard Reicherz
  • Itaru Nakagawa
  • Jianhui Zhang
  • Kazuhiro Tanaka
  • Kenichi Nakano
  • Kenneth Barish
  • Kim Minho
  • Koutarou Nonaka
  • Kunihiro Nagano
  • Kyungseon JOO
  • Li Wang
  • Marc Schlegel
  • Marco Radici
  • Mark Jones
  • Michael Kohl
  • Ming Liu
  • Naoaki Horikawa
  • Oliver Obiajulu Nnamene
  • Qin-Tao Song
  • Ralf Seidl
  • Ross Young
  • Sabin Adai
  • Sabrina Cotogno
  • Sadaharu Uehara
  • Sanjin Benic
  • Shinsuke Yoshida
  • Shinya Sawada
  • shota kuroiwa
  • Shuhei Kiyotake
  • Shunzo Kumano
  • Takahiro Iwata
  • Tatsuro Matsuda
  • Toshi-Aki Shibata
  • Toshimi SUDA
  • Xiao-Rui Lyu
  • Yi-Bo Yang
  • Yoshitaka Hatta
  • Yoshitaka Itow
  • Yoshiyuki Miyachi
  • Yuji Goto
  • Yuji Koike
  • Yukie Maeda
  • Zhaoxia Meng
    • Social (Registration, breaks, reception): Registration in front of conference room of ANA Holiday Inn Resort Miyazaki

      in front of conference room of ANA Holiday Inn Resort Miyazaki

    • Tuesday Morning: Tuesday Morning I conference room of ANA Holiday Inn Resort Miyazaki

      conference room of ANA Holiday Inn Resort Miyazaki

    • Social (Registration, breaks, reception): Coffee break
    • Tuesday Morning: Tuesday Morning II
      • 5
        Recent theory developments in QCD spin
        Speaker: Yoshitaka Hatta (BNL)
      • 6
        Longitudinal double-spin asymmetreis in SIDIS studied at HERMES
        Speaker: Yoshiyuki Miyachi (Yamagata University)
      • 7
        The COMPASS program with the muon beam: past, present and future
        Speaker: Andrea Bressan (University of Trieste and INFN)
    • Social (Registration, breaks, reception): Lunch
    • Tuesday Afternoon: Tuesday Afternoon I
      • 8
        Proton spin from quark and gluon
        Speaker: Yi-Bo Yang (ITP/CAS)
      • 9
        "Non-pole" approach to the Sivers effect in the collinear twist-3 formalism
        Speaker: Shinsuke Yoshida (South China Normal University)
      • 10
        Revealing the nucleon's spin structure using inclusive electron scattering at Jefferson Lab
        Speaker: Mark Jones (Jefferson Lab)
    • Social (Registration, breaks, reception): Coffee break
    • Tuesday Afternoon: Tuesday Afternoon II
      • 11
        Proton structure measurements at LHC
        Speaker: Kunihiro Nagano (KEK)
      • 13
        Discussion session
        Speaker: Toshi-Aki Shibata (Tokyo Tech / Nihon Univ.)
      • 14
        Strange quark suppression from a simultaneous MC analysis of parton distribution and fragmentation functions (file only)

        due to not being able to attend, only the file is uploaded at this location

        Speaker: Nobuo Sato (Old Dominion University)
    • Wednesday Morning: Wednesday Morning I
    • Social (Registration, breaks, reception): Coffee break
    • Wednesday Morning: Wednesday Morning II
      • 18
        Mechanisms for transverse single-spin asymmetries
        Speaker: Marc Schlegel (NMSU)
      • 19
        Latest results in the extraction of the Sivers and transversity distributions
        Speaker: Marco Radici (INFN Pavia)
      • 20
        Accessing GPDs with the exclusive pion-induced Drell-Yan process at J-PARC
        Speaker: Kazuhiro TANAKA (Juntendo University)
      • 21
        Discussion session
        Speaker: Yi-Bo Yang
    • Social (Registration, breaks, reception): Excursion
    • Social (Registration, breaks, reception): Conference dinner
    • Thursday Morning: Thursday Morning I
      • 22
        Pion-induced Drell-Yan experiments with transversely polarized proton target in COMPASS at CERN
        Speaker: Genki Nukazuka (Yamagata Univeristy)
      • 23
        Measurement of polarized Drell-Yan process at FNAL E1039/SpinQuest
        Speaker: Kenichi Nakano (Tokyo Tech)
      • 24
        Hadron physics and exclusive Drell-Yan process at J-PARC
        Speaker: Shinya Sawada (KEK)
    • Social (Registration, breaks, reception): Coffee break
    • Thursday Morning: Thursday Morning II
      • 25
        Proton radius
        Speaker: Toshimi Suda (Tohoku University)
      • 26
        Measurement of the neutron electric-to-magnetic form factor ratio at high momentum transfer
        Speaker: Michael Kohl (Hampton University)
      • 27
        Flavor asymmetry of quarks and antiquarks in the nucleon sea
        Speaker: Toshi-Aki Shibata (Tokyo Tech / Nihon Univ.)
      • 28
        Polarized parton distribution functions from lattice QCD (slides only)

        Due to not being able to attend, only the slides are uploaded for reference.

        Speaker: Jianhui Zhang (University of Regensburg)
    • Social (Registration, breaks, reception): Lunch
    • Thursday Afternoon: Thursday Afternoon I
      • 29
        Nucleon virtual Comption amplitude in lattice QCD
        Speaker: Ross Young (University of Adelaide)
      • 30
        Gluon transversity distribution in proton-deuteron collisions
        Speaker: Qin-Tao Song (KEK)
      • 31
        Studies of the nucleon 3-D structure with CLAS12 at Jefferson Lab
        Speaker: Kyungseon Joo (Uiversity of Connecticut)
    • Social (Registration, breaks, reception): Coffee
    • Thursday Afternoon: Thursday Afternoon II
      • 32
        Very forward particle productions at LHCf and RHICf
        Speaker: Yoshitaka Itow (Nagoya University)
      • 33
        First result of transverse single spin asymmetry for very forward pi0 production in polarized p+p collisions at sqrt{s} = 510 GeV
        Speaker: Minho Kim (Korea Univ./RIKEN)
      • 34
        Discussion session
        Speaker: Marc Schlegel
    • Friday Morning: Friday Morning I
      • 35
        Gravitational form factors for finding mass and pressure distributiosn in hadrons
        Speaker: Shunzo Kumano (KEK)
      • 36
        The energy momentum tensor of massive hadrons
        Speaker: Sabrina Cotogno (Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau)
      • 37
        Single spin asymmetry in pA collisions: phenomenology at RHIC
        Speaker: Sanjin Benic (Yukawa Institute)
    • Social (Registration, breaks, reception): Coffee
    • Friday Morning: Friday Morning II